Treat Yo Self 2k18

I’ve realized that I haven’t been keeping yall updated with my treatyoself journey this year. If you follow me on IG you’ve seen the pictures and videos from the moments during this year, but if you haven’t let me take you down memory lane.

To start the new year off on the right foot I attended fellow blogger, Yasmine of Darker Berrie‘s Vision Board Party. Even though I never completed my vision board once I got home; I can say that I have accomplished some of the things that were on my board.

Yaz is having her vision board party again next month. Of course, I’ll be there and I’ll even finish my board this time around with a side of few mimosas.

We got a major upgrade with our new logo! That alone set the path to looking and feeling more professional. So professional that we also had our new business cards made.

There was nothing wrong with the old ones, but with time comes growth. Also during this month, I attended DCFW. I really have to step to a few more shows next year because I had a ball and made some connections with some amazing people.

Do I even have to explain what this month was for me?! I don’t know how I’ll top March Madness anytime soon after having (in my opinion) the party of the year. If you need a recap click here !!!

I went to Miami for the first time and had an amazing time! I was thinking about going again with some more friends for my 26th birthday, but I’d rather go somewhere I’ve never been before. Who knows I might just go during the summer. Another beautiful reason to get some new swimsuits.

If Miami wasn’t enough for me I was shaking my ass, eating chicken and waffles, and buying multiple boxes of $3 boxed water at Broccoli City Fest. Just thinking about it I can feel the pain in my feet and back all over again lol.

Ahhhhh I still can’t believe that I saw Ro James and BJ the Chicago Kid live in between witnessing my little sisters and my freeen May graduate from college. May really set the tone for the rest of my summer. Recap? Click here 

I had my first interview where the focus was SOACG. I was NERVOUS AF, but since the interview was with my Bennett sister Jayy ( check out Just Jayy Productions, OKKUUURR) it was like we were on campus catching up.

At the end of the month, I had the chance to enroll into School of Style where I later received my certification to be a Personal Stylist!!

The Cool Down Month. Surprisingly, I didn’t even leave the state of Maryland during July. I believe my bank account was really excited about that lol.

My family and I were back on the road ready to end the summer on a good note in NEEEEWW YOOORRKKK…well Jersey, but I spent the majority of my time in NY lol. Major Moves 

Wheeeew Chiiii-Laaay I almost forgot to mention that I met Tabria and Mindy from The Thick Podcast still shook And a few days after that I was another beach in total relaxation! 

I was a whole kid again! I partnered with The City Vault for their Adult Play Date. I playing double dutch and watched the other participants playing along with each. It felt like I was in my old neighborhood running around till the streetlights came on.

Now if you scroll up and look at my unfinished vision board, you will see that I put Essence Fest on there. Every since Girl’s Trip came out I knew I wanted to go to the black woman’s homecoming. Even though I didn’t get a chance to make it to the fest, I did get to go to NOLA on vacation. It’s definitely on my list of places to return to. The food. The drinks. The VIBE…I need to experience it again. Need a recap of the trip? Click here

10.15.18 will hold a special place in my heart because that’s the day I launched SOACG’s Styling Services!! 

Then I had to the nerve to go see Maségo live. If you don’t know who that talented ass man is, please please please do yourself a favor and listen to everything he’s made. You’ll thank me later.

one word, GHOE. Greatest Homecoming On Earth and PLENTY of black excellence. You damn right I’ll be there next year. I’ll be there longer than a day and a half because I refuse not to have enough to function or recover lol.

SOACG’s newest merch became available to the masses so yall could be cozy and rep your favorite blog in style! If you would like to purchase some apparel its only a click away 🙂 Shop here 

Here we are, 11 days away from Christmas. I don’t know if it’s just me but it really doesn’t seem like Christmas is as soon as it is. There’s still no tree that’s been decorated at my house and probably will never be one lol. At least with the evergreen air freshener being sprayed around the house, I get to smell the holiday (haha). Maybe if I pull Tiny (our very small Christmas tree that sits on the mantlepiece) out the box and play our Motown Christmas CD I’ll feel the spirit.

With Christmas around the corner, its time for bottles and holiday parties to pop. I have a few that I’ll be attending that I can’t wait for. Give me a reason to show out real quick and I will. You’ll see just how serious I am in a few days.

Alexa, play Let It Snow by Boyz II Men and all the Christmas gems.

As I sit and reflect on everything that happened this year I can honestly say it wasn’t as rough as last year. 2018 has been pretty good to me. I may have lost my job but I started my own business. I’ve done more traveling this year than ever before. And to top it all off we have our own merch. I could complain about the little mishaps but it would be so unnecessary. God truly has shown out on my behalf.

Take this time to reflect and be thankful for where you are in life. Get those planners ready because 2019 is going to be even better.

What’s one of your favorite memories from this year? Let me know in the comments below.

As always be safe this weekend

Happy Holidays!! 

See you in the next one
Xoxo, Jonice 💕


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