Christmas List

As I get older and Christmas rolls around I realize that I truly don’t ask for much as I use to. Christmas in the 90’s you couldn’t tell me anything. I knew I wanted all the dolls, toys, and whatever boardgame was out, and without a doubt every year it was full under the tree.

Now that I’m nowhere near getting it like that anytime soon, I decided to focus on the things that I truly need. That’s exactly how this list came about. It took some time but I truly believe that in the end, some serious thought was put into this list.

Clothes. Honestly, you can never have too many clothes. If I had to pick a certain piece of clothing it would have to be jeans. I’ve been buying some, but I need different styles like flare, distressed, high waisted…all that! I have no problem with regular schmegular jeans, but I need more styles. Spice it up a little it lol.

Hats? I mean with the days and nights getting colder, I have to protect my head all times. Throw some cute scarfs that match in there too!

Ring light. Being a blogger I’ve realized that I could use some more light when it comes to taking my pictures. The light in my studio is good, but just not good enough. SOACG is here to bring you quality content and if that means getting a ring light, so be it.

Ipad. Tbh my phone is forever telling me that my storage is full, and I know why. Majority of everything SOACG is right on my phone. I honestly see why some people have two phones. If I continue to get that message my skin will crawl, so to cut that out I think its time for an upgrade. Nothing personal will be on this iPad, all SOACG!

Stepping out my comfort zone more. No matter how much I talk about it I have to put into practice. My homebody game is extra SKRONG but I want to push myself to my full potential. I can’t do that if I let myself become idle and stagnant when it comes to SOACG. I refuse to let this behavior step into 2019. It has no place there and will be left right here.

Treat yoself. I want to treat myself to a spa day. I’ve never been so it would be nice to spend a day getting pampered. I love getting pedicures and hand massages so I can imagine how relaxed I’ll be when it’s from head to toe. If it doesn’t happen for Christmas, it will happen next year.

MONEY in any form lol. Cash App, Venmo, Paypal, or my favorite gift cards! A little extra money won’t hurt this season.

Authentication. I will not continue to compare myself to others and their progress to my own journey going into 2019. Its easier said than done, but its hard not to. I’m not saying I’m not authentic already, its just always room for improvement. This brand is mine and I wouldn’t want it to be like anybody else. All 100% Jonice all the way around. Okkuuurrrr.

and the biggest one of all…
SAVING MONEY. It speaks for itself. I’ve been doing better than I was before, but there is always room for improvement. If I keep up with this ‘Oh I get paid next week I can put it back’ mentality I won’t see the numbers I want. I have too much on the line to fall short.

This year has been great but I know that with this list Christmas will be great and going into the new year will be even greater. In the comment section let me know some of the items on your Christmas list. I’m interested…

also, do you see what I did; I spelled Christmas!

As always have a great weekend and be safe!

See you in the next one
Xoxo, Jonice

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