New Orleans

There’s a first time for everything, right? My first time to NOLA is definitely one for the books. This city has given me more stories and experiences to relive for a lifetime. My trip may have not lived up to Girl’s Trip expectations, but trust and believe that I ate and drank enough for you and me.

The hotel we stayed in was right at the corner of Canal and Bourbon St. I woke up and went to sleep to a party. I thought New York was the city that never sleeps, NOLA might have them beat. Every day I had somebody ask me if I wanted a drink of some sort or a shot. I even got offered some beads and then shortly after was asked if they could have the beads back lol.


Top + Bottoms (not the exact skort but similar to it)

Now Bourbon St is not for everybody lol. I’ve witnessed somebody pass out from being HEAVILY intoxicated, amongst other things, and plenty of entertainment. It’s not for the weak or for those who can’t hold their liquor. All I will say is stay hydrated and ready for anything to happen.


While I was there, my mother and I walked through the French Quarters. The beauty of the structure of each building, even in the midst of plenty of construction, was breathtaking. I wouldn’t mind sitting on one of the porches that look over the packed streets and people watch. Grab a bottle of wine or drink of any kind and have a good time. Maybe one day I’ll have that luxury. Until that day comes I’ll admire the pictures that I have.


The food, my gawd! If you love seafood this is the place to be. From the fish to the seafood gumbo, everything was delish. After a few days, I got a little tired of seafood since that’s all we eat at home tbh. Nonetheless, if I wanted any kind of seafood, it was ready for me wherever. Out of all the restaurants that I visited Deanie’s has to be is my favorite. I was told that the wait is usually so long that you have to make a reservation first. Thankfully the two times I went the wait wasn’t long at all. The atmosphere was good as the food and the service was top notch. The food was so good I didn’t give myself a chance to take a picture of my second meal. But my first meal was their BBQ Shirmp Pasta.


I promise the food doesn’t disappoint. If my word or the picture above isn’t enough for you visit the website to see for yourself.

My mother actually got a picture of the food we got from The Tequila House.


The drinks. Popping. The food. Enough for leftovers and then some. They gave us more than enough at every restaurant so you’ll be good and feed if you ever visit.

Of course, I went to the Outlet Collection at Rivewalk and did a little damage.


I got a new Coach bag and a few things off the clearance racks of Charlotte Russe and Forever 21. It’s still a little too hot to wear the pieces I purchased. Know that you will be seeing them as soon as the weather breaks.


Will I be going back to NOLA? Lord willing, I can have my bag packed asap. I didn’t get the chance to take all the tours I wanted or eat at all the places that were suggested to me. I figure I do all that and meet up with a few friends for lunch the next time around.

I feel like everybody should get a chance to visit NOLA and get their own experiences. I haven’t been to many of the major cities here in the US, but im marking them off my list every chance I get. Next year maybe I’ll even be abroad.
Till then…
Be safe + enjoy your week!
See you in the next one
Xoxo, Jonice 💕

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