Iight So Boom

Relaxing after a vacation is a trap lol. Being in different hotel beds for almost every weekend of this month. The joy I get from doing nothing but laying in mine is everything I needed and then some.

In the last post, I told y’all about two-stepping to my baby cousin’s sweet 16 and attending The Thick Podcast Live show in DC. I successfully made it through the rocky boat ride with Agent May and overdramatic kids. Kaya had an outfit change and a father-daughter dance that caught everyone’s attention. I knew she was my mini-me, but I took a pic with Xola and Kaya (birfday girl) it really hit me. Them Moody genes SKRONG!!!!


The podcast….there are no words. I luuuh Mindy and Tabria. Lowkey they’re my friends in my mind because every time I listen to the podcast its like we just chillin in the living room chatting it up…even though they can’t hear me agreeing with them lmao Don’t these pictures look like we’re the best of friends?

I can’t lie in the midst of typing this post with a broken nail (I’m going to get this fill-in ASAP) I really have been enjoying myself. The week-long trip to the VA Beach was marvelous. We didn’t spend too much time at the beach, but when we did it was all good. Rev had classes the entire week so it was just me and dad together frfr.


Some days we went out and just rode around and then the other days we were hotel bums. I was at the pool almost every chance I got on those days. The hot tub was heaven sent and the indoor pool was just as good. Outside of the kids invading the pool with beach balls and tubes, it was all good. Not much of a late night swim lol

ss: Jessica Simpson Collection

The food I ate was beyond me. Of course with Cook Out and Waffle House being across the street from the hotel we made our way over there a few times. The seafood buffet at Captain George is always a must have pit stop whenever we find our way down there. This time around we had a slight family reunion that night at dinner.


BUT listen to me, this restaurant called Seafood Kitchen…..🤤 The mango habanero skrimps….🤤🤤 everything down to the sweet tea is incredible. If you ever happen to go down to VA Beach before the summer is really over please go there, and tell them the Moody’s sent you.

okay okay, enough about my trips!

I have partnered with The City Vault for Adult Play Date on Sept. 23rd! Its a day to be the kid you were on those summer nights before the street lights came on. All the games you can think of: basketball shootout, relay races, dance contest, karaoke, and too much to even name right now. If you would like to attend this wonderful event don’t hesitate to click here.

APD Flyer .png

I alllsssooooo will be speaking at the Thoughtful Books Virtual Book Festival August 31st! The And I Thought ladies have been such a blessing to me. I’ve been on their podcast and in their magazine. The fact that they asked me to give a fashion advice workshop, I was and still am thrilled to do it. It will be my first time speaking at a workshop so I’m excited and nervous. Even though this is a virtual workshop I am ready to shed light on the options us curvy girls have, well known and unknown to many.

IMG_5844 2

The closer the date gets I’ll drop the link to my workshop and the others.

This is the only weekend I’ll actually relax but of course I’m going to have some fun too! You should do the same.

as always enjoy your weekend & be safe!

See you in the next one
Xoxo, Jonice 💕

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