DCFW ’18

Back on Christmas Day, I was at the end of opening my gifts from my parents. It, in fact, was not over quite yet. I had received notification about DC Fashion Week Showcase while I was opening gifts. I talked about it all morning, but wouldn’t be able to purchase the ticket quite yet. I wanted to be an adult and be responsible with the Christmas money that I received earlier in the day. Soooo these crazy kids that I call my parents decided to get me a front row ticket as a gift. I was SHOOK!


So time goes by, we’re in 2018. So far so good right?
For me, it’s not too shabby, but the search for something to wear to the show was the opposite. As always I ended up doing some last min shopping and come out with a win. I found the cute top at Forever21. I figured I wear a FYE pair of pants to set this look off & off jump i knew these were the perfect ones. TBH I actually wore these pants on NYE, but I knew they didn’t get the hype they deserved. All in all I believe I did pretty good.


Outfit Details:

Top: Forever21

Pants: ViVi Trendsetter

Enough about me, let’s get into the show!

DC Fashion Week is known to have a non-profit partnership of independent fashion designers producers and models dedicated to increasing the economic development of all things fashion in the DC Metropolitan area.

The showcase featured designers from all over the world, hinting at the name: International Couture Collections Show. 10 designers sent their collections down the runway which had everyone’s attention. It’s amazing how detailed each piece truly was. Those front row seats give you a new POV & its the only view I want from now on. Here’s a look at a few pieces from each collection.

House of Marsya (Indonesia)

FlowerBaum (US)

Y-U-L-I-Y-A (Ukraine)

Cashmere & Pearls (US)

Stephane Koerwyn (France)

The Valdecio Collection (US)

Ri Noor (US)

Lady Mariama Designs (Senegal)

Corjor International (US)

You see how different each designer is, but how you can take something from each collection.

They speak for themselves & grab your attention instantly. They also tell a story and made me wonder what was coming next down the runway. I cannot wait to see what the next show will have for me! You know I’ll do my best to be there and put on for the curvy girls 💁🏾‍♀️

Till next time

Xoxo, Jonice 💕

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