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When it comes to every season, everyone has an item or a few pieces in their closets they love to wear. Some may have a jacket, pant, or a good oversized sweater. My go-to pieces are my FTF Everyday Midis. During the fall I love to keep it casual and comfy, but sometimes I may have to dress them up. These dresses allow me to do just that with a few adjustments.

It’s always good to have options so why not get as many as you can. I actually have about 5-6 of them in my closet right now, and I am not ashamed. Owning this many of the same dress gives me the freedom to wear them and give a different look every time. You can wear one when you have to run errands all day or when you going out to have some fun. The choice is truly yours. Pick the color that suits you for the day, pair with the right accessories and shoes, and you’ll be ready to go.

Here are a few ways I’ve styled these bad boys over the years.

LBD// Need I say more? The possiblities are endless!!!


Cran// Of course during the fall it’s all about the layers. On days when its not too cool wearing a button down jean tunic will add to the look and you won’t overheat. You can leave it open, button it half way, or maybe only one.


Gray// I’ve worn this dress into the ground, picked it up, and wore it again lol. Usually I would go for the cool, calm, and collected look since thats just who I am 🙂  The bomber jacket definitely is a plus in this look because of the detail. I have yet to get another one like this. It’s on my shopping list so there will be more to come.


Yellow// monochromatic lewks will never go wrong in my book. Even in the fall neon colors are perfect to play around with. You never know what color you can get when it comes to oversized sweaters. It will I feel it in my bones that they will be the center of attention along with animal print pieces.


Red// Clearly I have a thing for oversized pieces in the fall. I took this jean jacket right out my mother’s closet and I can tell you she won’t be getting it back. I would tie the jacket around my waist to give it an edgy lewk, but its entirely too thick for all that. Imagine it hanging off my shoulders or simplying laying on my shoulders. Its will always have a place in my closet because I can wear this jacket with many lewks during this season. Denim on denim is a must!

IMG_8185 2

You know I’m still going to be wearing all white even though its after labor day. You style it right, all eyes will be on you. I recently purchased this jacket from the thrift store for no more than $7! You’ll be seeing more of her later on.



I’ll definitely be getting more acessories like belts and maybe even something that I usually wouldn’t buy. Ain’t nothing like finding something new and falling in love with it.  If I come across a hat that can fit on top of my braids and still look good, its mine. No questions asked. Just know when I go shopping y’all will be the first to know.

Whats your favorite go-to look during the fall? Let me know below in the comments.

As always enjoy your weekend + be safe.

See you in the next one

Xoxo, Jonice 💕



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