Midi || Bomber

Unusual weather hit Maryland & I didn’t know if I should take cover or bask in all of it. Clearly I took it all in, but once the sunset came around my scarf was not far behind. Take a look to see how I schlayed and made the day mine!

I absolutely adore midis because they are versatile! On many occasions I have worn midis to events for work or just to chill & go. Since the dress is plain, it’s all about how & what you accessorize the dress with. Per usual I decided to go for the cool, calm, and collected look since I was on moves that day. The bomber jacket definitely is a plus in this look because of the detail. The patches and the buttons that I have added to the jacket give the jacket & look that umph.

As plain as the dress is, you can get plenty of wears out of it (especially if you have one in basically every color like me). Make sure you have a few of these in your closet this year (or something similar LBD..etc) because you may never know when you may need it. Trust me…you’ll thank me later!

Outfit Details: 

Dress, Earrings, and Purse: Fashion To Figure 

Boots: UGG 


Xoxo, Jonice 💕

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