Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

It’s finally that time where we transition from summer to fall. Saturday we say goodbye to Summer, and hello to Fall! It’s not as easy as it sounds when it comes to the transition in your wardrobe. The weather hasn’t made a complete change but you want to be ready for whatever comes your way. But first, let’s go over some of my favorite looks from the summer. Then I’ll go into detail about how you can take your summer look into fall, comfortably.

Wheeew child the summer really has been a time to show out, especially in pants! I said it before I started getting really into pants, that I would be the look for me; pants and a nice top. I stuck to my word lol.

Taking some of those looks into fall would work with a few adjustments. Opt the sandals out for a nice pair of booties, or simply add a cardigan or duster so that way your arms aren’t getting cold as the night get cooler. When it starts to feel like fall, you can add a heavier option like a leather jacket into the mix.


Bring those thigh high boots back out sis! You’ve worn them time ad time again with jeans and a graphic t-shirt to give add a lil umph. But what about wearing them with a pair of shorts and a sweater?!?! Adding tights into the mix will keep the look together and if they’re fishnets or a designed pair, they’ll definetly add to the complete look. Even wearing a t-shirt and an oversized cardigan with the thigh-high boots can be an instant goto look.

I’m always here for wearing hoodies, but what about a cropped one? The thing about wearing these, they can be worn with anything. From fancy pants to high-waisted skinny jeans or skirt, it’s simply about where you’re going and what look you’re going for. Its been too hot during the day to complete this look, but its perfect for going out at night. You definitely won’t worry about being cold, but you’ll be cute and chill. This look is perfect for homecoming..since HC season is approaching.


Bring out all the off shoulder tops and dresses! They were THE look last year and I’m still riding that wave this time again. Off the shoulder sweaters, come my waaaayyyy! I’ve seen many people wear a shirt (button down) under many of this style of tops and dresses. It’s a move I haven’t made yet but might have to play around in this season.


One thing you should really get into is animal print pieces. That is the neutral of all neutrals for fall! It can be a jacket, top or even pant! Want to play it more safe? Add animal print into your looks with your accessories. Carry a purse with the print or even get a cute pair of shoes. Play around with the many different prints that are out and work it into your everyday wardrobe.

You never know what the fall will bring into your closet until you try it!

Have a great weekend + be safe
See you in the next one

Xoxo, Jonice 💕

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