Labor Day Cookout Outfits

Tis the season of summer coming to a close. It has been more than hot these entire 3 months. I do love summer just like the next person, but we all know deep down inside we can’t wait for fall. The colors, the layers, the weather being at a consistent 65 degrees– this is what I’m looking forward to. But in order to do so, we must light our grills one more time. In honor of this Labor Day weekend and the festivities that will be taking place, here are a few looks that will fit the occasion.



The best part about hosting or attending a cookout is there is no need to pull up and hop out in your best fit. Keeping it casual leaves room for comfort and relaxation.


Y’all know I have no problem with crop tops or tying a tshirt in a knot. Simply doing that can take it to the next level with little to no effort. You can show a lot of tummy or none at all with a low knot, do whatever makes you comfortable.

Both of these looks can work with any kind of jeans; boyfriend, skinny, distressed, and my favorite flare.



C’mon now a good maxi skirt can take you a long way and have you flowing with the wind throughout the day and into the night.


As basic as it is, it works. Tying a jacket around your waist makes it easy for you to carry it around before the day gets cooler. You’ll have it at the tip of your fingers the moment goosebumps appear.

Honorable Mention: Dress


& you can NEVVEERR go wrong with a maxi dress.

Whatever you decide to wear this weekend remember to

enjoy yourself & be safe. eat a burger for me lol

PS…Dont forget that I’m speaking at the Thoughtful Book Virtual Book Festival today at 1pm!! —-> click here to watch <—-

Xoxo, Jonice 💕

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