White On Denim

What do I say about this weather that we have been having? It snows, then warms up to the high 60s, and now were right back to freezing temperature *rolls eyes harder than Keke Wyatt* But anywho, the slaying must continue in a NO SICK ZONE! I played along with mother nature’s jokes and did the damn thing.

As always, comfort is a major key in my daily looks. This white crochet poncho was the way to go on this day. With the sun out and a cool breeze, I believe I won on this day. The top is very loose and has sleeves!!! Not only can this top be worn during the odd winter days, but it can also be worn as a cover up for when I decide to go to the beach or somebody’s pool this summer.

Wear a tank top under like I did or own it with just a bra of some sort and slay. The choice is all yours. Whatever way you decide to wear the top have fun, look good, and be safe.

Outfit Details:

Top, Jeans, Purse: Fashion To Figure

Shoes: Coach Factory

Earrings: Vintage

Start this week out as strong as that first cup of coffee! Happy Monday 🙂

See you in the next one!

Xoxo, Jonice 💕

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