Distressed & Bad AF

Sound the alarms, we finally made it to 2017!! We hope that the new year brings you nothing but blessings, slayage, and positive vibes!

The wind has been kicking my butt and trying to make me crack under the pressure of a cold, but I will win! *sneezes all over computer screen*  I got this…lettuce pray! 😂

Anywho, with the new year in full swing and off to a good start, why not start it off right. My love for any kind of cardigan or duster was not left in 2016. I can tell you now that, that will never go away. The green duster from Boohoo has to be one of my top fav pieces in my closet right now. I can wear it with anything and keep it moving knowing I look good. I promise a simple jacket or duster (like the one below) can take any look to a new level! It sure did with this look.

Basic top, distressed jeans (that don’t show any skin so you won’t worry about freezing even more), and boots are always the way to go on days like these. If you plan on stepping out for the night and want to dress it up and make it real for em, throw on some booties or heels & schlay!  No matter where you’re going, I can guarantee that if you feel good in it can’t nobody tell you anything.

Outfit Details: 

Duster: Boohoo

Top, Jeans, Earrings & Purse: Fashion To Figure 

Boots: Ma Lisa(thanks again boo 😘) 

Make 2017 the year where you do you & careless about what people say. Have fun with your style or even switch it up on em! Whatever you do, just have fun!

See ya in the next one!

Xoxo, Jonice 💕


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