Wear It More Than Once

It was my junior year of college & Ebony Soul (homecoming) was right around the corner. I wanted to wear something different for the ball instead of ordering from the same store as someone and having the same dress on. I knew that one of the people that I follow on tumblr and IG made her own clothes and would make custom orders as well. I reached out to the lovely Amber Emme (Follow her on IG @amberemme) after seeing a dress she made for one of her clients. In one of my early post I blogged  about this exact skirt.


After that night the skirt hung in my closet for a while without me touching it and wondering when and where I would be able to wake it again. I figured that it would be too much to wear it just out on a random Wednesday to work. I was more so worried about the train in the back being too much and would drag along behind me since I am only 5’3. This recently changed once I flipped the train on my skirt and flipped over to make it look like a split. It works perfectly this way because it no longer is extra long and doesn’t look too fancy. In the pics below I recreated the outfit from that night during Ebony Soul with a few different pieces.


On another occasion I will pair the skirt with a jean shirt and some casual shoes. This way I can take it from a its original night look to a day look.Now I’m the type of person that will wear something more than once, post pics on IG in it, and wear it again because I can. I’m defianetly not going to stop wearing something after only wearing it once. Wearing something more than once is not a crime. You can recreate the first look or do something you wouldn’t think of doing. Mix prints, mix colors, do whatever you want because that is what fashion is all about. If you feel good in it wear it more than once.

Outfit Details

Shirt: Macy’s 

Necklace: Forever21 

Earrings: Macy’s

Skirt: Made by Amber Emme *Dont forget to check her out on IG @Amberemme 

Shoes: Guess 


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