Quick Steal

Last week while out of town, my mother and I came across a Macy’s that was going out business. We made our way to Macy’s as soon as she was done with her seminars for the day. Now this Macy’s was 11 stories so I really wanted to find MY sizes and run off and buy anything I could get my hands on. The sale that they were having was AMAZING! Everything in store was 40%-75% off. So of course everything whatever I decided to get was going to be a steal!

I saw a few things in the women’s section that caught my eye, but once I got in the fitting room I failed to like any of the clothes that I bought in the fitting room with me. The dresses didn’t look right on me, the jackets were too tight on my arms, and the jumper would not go pass my hips. I was so livid I put everything back and started to look for my mom. Then I went up to one more floor just see what the Junior section had for me. Surprising I found this dress below! It didn’t look like it would fit me while it was hanging on the hanger, even though it said XL on the tag. The Junior section can be a bit misleading so I was hesitant to get it.  I didn’t have time to try it on because the store was about to close so I picked it up and another shirt and bought them. Once I got back to the room I was in love. I loved the way the slip fit me and how the chiffon flowed.

Since it is Friday I figure I wear this dress.This dress is playful, comfortable, and cute. I might have to throw a jacket on because it is starting to get just a bit cooler. If I want to dress it up I’ll throw some heels on, but for now I’ll wear my sneakers. Now the dress is shapeless so throwing a belt around your waist will give it that look as if the belt came with it and shows off your waist. There is so much you can do with shapeless dress like this one. I’m not at all disappointed. I’m glad I took the risk of buying before trying on. Sometimes it works in your favor.

 Dress: Macy’s

Earrings: Macy’s 

Bracelet: Tiffany & Company 

Shoes: Coach Factory

Jacket: Ross 


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