In Style

Happy Saturday, my loves. Today may not look or feel like spring where I am (even though the last couple of days it has), but hopefully, it is where you are. I would like to say I’ve been having fun when it comes to finding my style. I wear what I want, but there are a few things that I have put back because I felt like I couldn’t pull it off.

If you’ve been a reader for a minute, you have probably picked up on what I love to wear all the time. Dresses!!! Maxi, mini, and everything in between. I’ve been a dress kind of girl all my life. They have been my saving grace on many occasions, but I’ve noticed that I’ve been adding more skirts into my wardrobe; mini, midi, and maxi. I also have been trying to add pieces that are currently trendy but will stand the test of time with my style. I want to continue to flip, dip, and reverse pieces to make them work for me.

The goal is to do more. Add more pants, tops that I can layer if I see fit and whatever I see that works for me, more color and patterns too. I’ve been feeling this push leading up to my birthday and I want to explore the more…whatever that means. Fashion is here for us to express ourselves and style is how we say who we are without saying a word. I can be many things, and I want to do that and then some this spring and summer.

It’s the perfect time to experiment with all the festivals and concerts coming up. You know I have tickets to plenty if not all. This year for me is all about having fun with my clothes. I can play around, and see if one thing works more than the next. No more stepping back from pieces because “I don’t know if it’s for me”. If it’s in my size and my budget, it is just for me! So, join me on this new journey of discovering who I’m becoming and growing in my style.

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