Summer is Over

Summer is officially over. If the wind didn’t let you know last night or now, I am here to remind you to get your jackets and sweaters because it’s time.

Before I even do that, let me get into how the rest of my summer unfolded! The last time I was here, I talked about going to my first Essence Fest! Chyyyyyle, that trip was beyond anything I could have imagined! The lewks were there. The black excellence was everywhere you looked, and the celebrities were there too, baby!

If you’ve been following me on IG (go ahead and click right here so you can), then you have been getting a peek at what I’m talking bout. I’ll even reshare a few things on my story today just so those who may have missed them can be caught up with the rest of the class.

Since that trip, I have enjoyed myself even more back home. I’ve been to a sunflower fest and attended another wine festival (I’ve also found a few wine bars in the area that I love to visit often.)

These festivals have allowed me to do exactly what I said I wanted to do, which was to be able to learn more about wine. I’m no longer just a rosé kind of girl; I can add riesling to the list! This fall, trying new wines will still be on the list of things to do because it is never ending lesson I’ll be ready to drink.

The summer also showed me that I’m ready for more solo trips. I had the pleasure of going to Philly to the live and sexy podcast show Late Night with Ler and Lionel.

I’m going to say I had a ball and will be back for more. Making moves wasn’t over for quite yet. The following weekend I went to VA beach and ended up staying longer than I expected (due to car trouble) but it all worked out for my good. Can’t you tell?

I wonder where this new season will take me next. Hopefully, somewhere new and warm because I’m not ready to officially trade my backless dresses and shorts for coats and sweaters (okay, maybe a little bit).

Of course, I’ve been going to concerts! Don’t think that hasn’t stopped because I’m here to let you know it won’t. After the Verzuz and its shenanigans with Pleasure P, Omarion, and Mario (and everybody else they had on stage), I still got tickets to see them live. I was mainly there for Mario, lol. In my opinion, he was the only one the night of the verzuz that didn’t do too much. He put his money where his vocal notes are and still flourishing. So you know me in truly Moody fashion, I got a meet and greet ticket. Yeaaaah!

The fit had to give, and it did! I finally was able to get a Kai Collective dress in my closet! Even though I ordered the wrong size, I still wore it and KILLED that night. I know now to pay more attention to sizing when I shop online with brands across the water. Best believe I’m coming for more pieces, just like I did with Hanfia!

And yes, I did add another Hanifa piece to my growing collection. Since the runway show they had earlier this summer, my eyes have been glued to this one dress! I didn’t know how or when I would have it, but I knew I would get it.

My friend Maeva’s birthday dinner gave me a perfect chance to wear her out. With any Hanfia piece, it is 10s across the board.

And to top the summer off we dropped our latest collection, PINK FRIDAY!!!

Each piece is picked with your curves in mind so that you could end the summer on the best note ever. Even though summer may be over, oh the places you could travel to and have a few of our pieces with you! Check the collection out for yourself!

One major thing that this summer has taught me? LIVE YOUR LIFE!!!! Don’t just be there, but BE THERE. Live and experience everything for yourself and not just for everybody else. The break from writing allowed me to enjoy the summer truly. In this day and age of content creation, it was good to live and experience everything for me. But now that I am back, I am ready to give yall more SOACG!

Till then, stay warm, stay bad, and enjoy yourself!

See you at the next one!

Xoxo, Jonice 💋

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