“Alexa, play Sunshine by Latto”

For the past couple of weeks, I have been on the move. I’m back on my BS yall! The concerts and festivals I have been attending have given me everything I needed to start my summer on the right foot. I will continue with the same energy this weekend at Something In The Water, celebrating our anniversary. I’ll do a recap at some point because today isn’t the day! 

It feels like it’s been a long time (which it has been) since I made a blog post. You should know that when I’m not feeling it or the planned blog posts aren’t exactly what I want to write about at that moment, I will not touch this blog. Not pressuring myself into making blog posts for “the sake of making a blog post” or “somebody else has made plenty of posts and content, so I should too” has been the best thing I could have started doing with SOACG. Over the past seven years, everything seems to be falling into place. I’m constantly learning what works for us and what doesn’t. In that process, it feels like I’m truly doing what I’m supposed to do. 

And with that, I want to do more. I love where we are because it has allowed me to reach new highs that I never knew I could touch. Am I done? Baby far from it. My plans for SOACG keep improving, and this year is no different. 

What have I learned in seven years of blogging?

  1. Go after what you want. Your time is precious, and what you do with it will show who you are. 
  2. START! Sitting on that idea and trying to make it perfect so it can be suitable for launch will take away time from you putting in the work. Trust me. We are all out here trying to figure it out. 
  3. Just because plenty of people do the same thing doesn’t mean yall are doing it the same way. Do you, and if you need a reminder, reread number 1.
  4.  You don’t know everything. You may think you do, but somebody out there knows the information and wants to help. I know having a mentor is ideal (because I want/need one), but it may not be within the budget at the moment. I’m here to tell you that it is okay. Some coaches and mentors even have youtube channels that can be the stepping stone to getting the help you want in the meantime. Following them on their social media platforms is an excellent way to stay on top of any information they give out about upcoming events they are hosting or deals on upcoming classes. All you have to do is get out of your way, find a mentor/coach in your field and ASK FOR HELP! (I’m preaching to myself right here).
  5. Wear what the hell you want. No matter what somebody has to say, because people will always be talk, do you! Wear the brightest, sexiest, bold pieces and some that even scare you! We can’t knock the new stuff till we try it! I mean, that’s what fitting rooms are for! 
  6. REST before your body decides to do that for you. Sit down. Relax. Bask in you!
  7. Trust the process and enjoy the ride. Nothing comes easy, so know that there will be easy and hard days – especially when you feel like everything is against you. Stay the course because when you look back, the outcome will be greater than what you could have imagined. If you need an example, look at me and SOACG! 

I want to thank each of you for rocking with us this long. Knowing that people from all over read each blog post and engage with me on social media, even when it seems like I’m talking to myself, has made this journey so much fun. I look forward to where this year will take us because bigger and better has our name all over it.


As always, be safe this weekend 

and if I see you at Something In The Water, say hi!

I love yall so much. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

Xoxo, Jonice 💋

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