Trends That Will Takeover The Summer

Let me be honest for a second. There was a time when I would only get dressed for content-making purposes and barely wear those pieces outside the house. Sad, right? Those pieces made a scene for 4 secs of poses and would go back into my closet. So I never gave myself the chance to give and get my all out, but we thank God for growth. That way of moving was not a great move for my pocket or my closet space. Instead of continuing this, I began to shop for clothes that not only made a scene but could do that multiple times whenever I decided to wear them again. Can you do that with the new and not-so-old trends? Yes, but when you try to fit into what the trends are, it gets tiring and not the best move finically. That’s why I’m so big on getting pieces for my closet and the boutique that are versatile.

This summer, I can tell you that the trends will be all about showing skin! The reason why I say this? A because it’s the summer and the best time to, and B, everything I have seen has been a cut-out on the side, on the midsection of tops and dresses, and mesh material is starting to take over.

I already have a few pieces that fit right into this category, but I won’t let it be the only thing because showing more skin isn’t the only thing that will break necks this summer.

Remember that summer when neon colors were IT, and everybody’s daughter had something bright as a highlighter? If you’re acting like it didn’t happen, don’t worry, I’ll stand on your behalf. Don’t worry; it’s not making a comeback, but VIBRANT colors is in. See for yourself below:

Tbh you’ve probably already began to some of these colors grace your favorite online stores. Daffodil and Poppy Seed definitely have made their way to the boutique! What other colors do you think you’ll see coming soon?

The main color I know you’ve seen is PINK, especially in all shades. In the last couple of weeks, I’ve noticed that fuchsia has been the main star of many looks, or the accessories have been what pull the looks together because of, you guessed it, PINK.


I know I need to find something pink for the Rosé Festival that I’ll be attending soon, so this trend is right on time for me. And it’s the perfect time for you too. Everybody deserves a little more pink in their lives.

Now back to showing skin (my favorite, lol). We all know that the summer is the perfect time for it, and you were probably already going to, but it seems highly encouraged this time around. Mini skirts and party dresses are stepping to the front. It is time to show off those legs, baby! This dress is the perfect example:

Now I’m not about to have my Christmas and New Year (as my grandmother would say) show, but I believe me when I say that these thighs will be OWT! I’ve never shied away from showing off, so why would I start now?

Take these trends and make them yours this summer. Don’t be afraid to bask in colors. Wear that colored suit or start small by getting a few bright accessories, like a pink bag or shoes. Also, don’t forget to show a little more skin. There are plenty of options, from showing off your legs with mini skirts and dresses and everybody’s favorite to the other selections with cut-out tops and dresses.

Till then, see yall in the next one!
Enjoy your week and be safe.

Xoxo, Jonice 💋

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