What April Has Brought To The Table

Oh, April. How you started on the wrong foot, but I refuse to let that decide how the rest of the month will be. What happened exactly? I was in a hit and run, a three-car accident at that. I never thought I would be in that situation, but I was sitting on the highway watching everybody ride by, including the man who caused the entire problem! Shoutout to the black man and his wife, who stopped and waited with us till the police and ambulance arrived. Don’t worry about me. I walked away with no injuries and no car. That’s right; my baby is a total loss. That hurt me more than the accident itself. Luckily I have a rental for a few weeks. Hopefully, I will know what kind of car I want because I have no idea right now. But do you know what I am sure about? The new pieces that have arrived and are on the way to the boutique are game-changers.

I am introducing Nina, the backless dress of my dreams and your new favorite dress. Named after my boo, Nina (go check out all her photography and things. Miss mama is one talented black woman).

If you haven’t noticed, some of the pieces in the boutique are named after some of the women in my life: Domanique, named after my best friend, Daisy, named after one of my good sisters from college, and now Nina. I plan to continue this with everything that comes into the boutique. Each piece represents them but, more importantly, you. Our clothes focus on the versatility that your life requires. And we want to make picking each look for your everyday life, no matter where it takes you, more manageable.

Now back to Nina. She is a ribbed knit dress. I loooove anything ribbed knit, to be honest. The quality of this dress is heavier than most ribbed knit pieces, but she is perfect. If you want a more snug fit, I highly suggest going a size down.

Doing this will provide a little more security in the chest area for my women with bigger chests and a more snatched look. When I first wore the dress on my birthday, I wore the 2x because I wanted more room but trust and believe, I love how the 1x feels one me. If you’ve been looking for that dress that doesn’t hide your back because you may have some rolls, then Nina is the dress for you! What’s the saying? Suns out, thighs out? Around here, it’s that, but also, my rolls will be out too! They need a little sun, lol.

And to our newest piece that will be arriving Tuesday at noon, Watch Me Glow Joggers but in BLACK!!!

These joggers are the perfect loungewear and upgrade from WMG, released in January. They are not fleece-lined like the originals. These allow you to feel the breeze just enough because they are the French Terry material, thinner, so you don’t sweat the day away, and comfortable enough to wear any and everywhere (the Small-Large sizes are. Girl, don’t get me started, but we prevail). The other difference from the WMG Sweatsuit is that it is not unisex sizing; these babies are woman-sized. The sizing may have changed, but the quality is still there. Believe that!

I’m happy about how everything is being accepted and loved in the boutique! It’s only going to keep getting better. So tell your friends, sister, coworkers, cousins & nem, and those women who love to have their curves honored. That’s what we do at SOACG!


Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, and have a fantastic week!
See you in the next one
Xoxo, Jonice 💋

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