29 Laps and goods

Where do I begin? Last year, I kept it calm when I celebrated my birthday. I went out to get lunch with a friend and was back in the house right after. Well, it’s been a week since I turned 29, and let me say that I did everything I said that I was going to do. Since last week, I have been on the go, and now that I have slept more than 5 hours, I can give yall the full recap on everything.

On Friday, the festivities started when I went to see Wale. I expected everybody and their mother to be there, but baby, it was packed and then some.

But I wasn’t complaining because it was like a reunion. I saw plenty of people I knew at the show, and what made it even better was that he played some of his old music. It brought back some good memories. I’m glad I can add this to the list!

The party started Tuesday (my birthday)! I booked myself a spa day, then went out for drinks, had my birthday dinner at this beautiful restaurant,

but most importantly, we launched our two newest pieces: Heatwave and Daisy! These pieces speak for themselves.

Heatwave is made entirely out of mesh, perfect for the summer days and nights. It is a wrap top that allows you to adjust how tight or lose you want it to be. And the bell sleeves add just a touch of more fun to the piece. I love this top so much, and every time I’ve worn it, people love it just as I do. Daisy joins Lindsey in our shorts department! She brings the sexiness with the distressed detailing on the front and back of the shorts and added flair with the fringe. When you move, Daisy moves with you. So be prepared when you walk into a room; you may have a few or the whole room hypnotized.

I felt as if I was floating on a cloud on Wednesday and Thursday. After celebrating my birthday with my beloved friend and family, I sprung back up and into action. These two days were the official start of my week-long weekend, and it conveniently began on holiday, St. Patrick’s Day. These two days, I focused solely on doing things I love to do—self-care at its finest.

When Friday finally got here, my friends from out of town arrived. I did my due diligence to show them a good time Friday night at some of my favorite spots in DC, and then Saturday, we went to brunch!

If you know anything about brunches in DC, they are the place to be. It doesn’t matter where you go. As long as their food is excellent and bottomless mimosas are available, you are in for a wild ride. And to be honest, the ride was just that. Halfsmoke never disappoints no matter the day or time, but I suggest making a reservation if you want all the smoke during the weekend. 12/10!

Sunday was when I got my entire life served to me on a blessed, BPW, bust the windows out your car, I don’t know where I woke up, you know I can’t leave you, singing ass silver platter. Jazmine Sullivan is your favorite’s favorite.

She will sing you down to the ground, pick you up just like you should do with your feelings, and tell you about yourself all in one night. You better believe that she served and left everything on that stage. You would have never thought miss girl just had covid, but that shows you what kind of powerhouse she truly is.

As I said before, I did everything I wanted for my birthday. YES, I EVEN DID ORDER THAT HANIFA DRESS! IYKYK!

I’m now going to continue to rest in my recovery mode lol I need it and if you need some, DO IT before your body does it for you.

As always, stay safe and enjoy the rest of your week.
See you in the next one
Xoxo, Jonice 💋

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