#GetDressedWithSOACG Week Two

Happy Friday, everybody! I hope this week was exceptional and productive for you. Some days this week, I didn’t feel like putting on clothes, but I pushed through that and made some stuff shake.

Since last Friday’s fit didn’t make it into the post, I’ll start there.

Friday was a slight struggle for me because everything I put on was not agreeing with me. You know how you think a fit would work in your mind, but as soon as you put it on, it’s a flop. That’s exactly how my day started. I eventually decided on a black bodysuit with puff sleeves (so hurt I didn’t get any pictures without my coat) and my mini denim skirt with my Ugg boots. I had tights, but of course, those ripped. I told you I was having a DAY before I could even leave my room. I’m glad I pulled my trench out because it kept my poor bare legs warm.

Saturday, I was out in the cold all day helping my mom collect donations for two shelters in the area. I barely got any full body pics of my fit. I got a selfie, a reel (which is on our IG), and a group photo. The minute I got home, I a mini spa night, then changed into a hoodie and sweats. It was the best way to end such a successful day.

Sunday, my friend Nina helped with the look. She told me to wear whatever I would put her in. That made it easy for me because I love Nina in dresses, so I wore my ribbed knit pink dress. It’s the perfect “I’m not leaving the house, but I have to I’ll still look good” kind of vibe. I’ve worn sandals and booties with this dress on many occasions, but that wasn’t necessary this time around. My loafers were the perfect shoes, and Nina approved.

On Monday, I was serving up a little bit of Love Jones. Years ago, you wouldn’t catch me willingly wearing a turtleneck. It was the most annoying thing for me to wear, but now I will wear one every day during the fall and winter if I had enough of them. This particular turtleneck felt so good. The ruching on the sleeves gave it the detail it needed since it’s a plain gray top. I paired the turtleneck with my light wash distressed Levi Jeans. These have become my favorite pair that I own because it sits and hugs me in all the right places, and I only paid $4.96 for them. This look may have been simple, but sometimes less is more.

I’ve been eyeing these one-shoulder cut out tops, and I felt like my body deserved. Of course, I’m not doing any shopping right now, so I had to make my clothes work for me. Tuesday, I wore a regular tank top bodysuit and put one of the straps over my head to give it the one-shoulder cut out look. I felt like the baddest b*tch that day. The boots, the leather jacket, and the top did it for me. I plan to get more creative as this challenge goes on because of this look.


Wednesday and Thursday were my chill days. I wore a cropped hoodie (i cut it before I put it on) with sweats and a jean jacket. That was probably my most comfortable fit since I started this challenge.


Yesterday I was having trouble finding what I was going to wear. At first, I had on a monochromic olive outfit. Chyyyle I ended up putting on a dress as a skirt and an off the shoulder top. You probably won’t see it anytime soon to be honest. That’s how much it pissed me off lol Anyway, I eventually put on one of my favorite dresses that I own. This dress hugs me, and not in an uncomfortable way. Like my Levi jeans, it sits and hugs in all the right places. The zippers on each side add sexiness to it. You can unzip it how high or low you want. Sometimes I walk around with it completely unzipped, and sometimes I don’t. This dress a mood changer for real. It flipped my whole day around for the better!

What has this challenge taught me so far? I have more jeans than sweats and other pants, and I need a balance. Maybe for Christmas, I’ll treat myself to a little small shopping spree. I also will get more creative with making the clothes work for me. If I don’t have it, I’m going to fake it and save some coint.

As always be safe and enjoy your weekend
See you in the next one
Xoxo, Jonice 💕


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