#GetDressedWithSOACG Week Three

And we’re back! Hey babies, I hope your week has been great. Week three feels like I truly tapped into myself more. You’ll see what I’m talking about below!

On Friday, I felt like it was only right that I show off since I wore one of my favorite dresses the day before. I wore a very very dramatic yellow top from Boohoo. I’ve only worn it twice, so it was time for me to give her another spin. I then paired it with the newest skirt in my closet from forever 21. This fit, in my opinion, is a 10/10. Definitely would recommend.

Saturday, I kept that same energy when I wore a white jacket as a top with even more dramatic sleeves. They weren’t wide but sure did grab everybody’s attention. I paired it with some jeans and white sneakers.

The next day, I introduced everyone to OUR newest piece Stay Curvy. She is a crewneck dress. Very loose and extremely cozy at the top (as a crewneck sweater should be) and fitting on the hips. I am absolutely in love with this piece because of its sexiness and versatility. Earlier in the day, I wore my thigh high boots and leather jacket to add even more to the look. As it got colder, I then put on jeans and flipped the dress up to have a more casual look. You’ll get the best of both worlds with this one. She’s available RIGHT NOW at shopSOACG so hurry up and get one of your own before it’s too late!

Since I didn’t leave the house on Monday, I decided to lounge around in our 3-piece set (without the jacket), Living In Bloom. You already know the vibes when it comes to this one. Ribbed knit and beyond comfy. Another 10/10.

Tuesday, I showed off another set that will soon be coming to our shop. Introducing, Domanique. Tie-dye print isn’t going anywhere no time soon, and neither are we. We’re providing the girls with what they want in the most stylish way possible, and that exactly what Domanique is here to do.

Wednesday, I wore sweats and my Boss Apparel top. I then switched over to some jeans and a cardigan and changed again to show off how I’d style the top if I were to go out. An all-black look never fails. Now, this is one of their first tops, but now they have so much more to offer. Check them out and support my good sis by getting yourself and some friends some shirts. It will be the perfect Christmas gift. Trust me! When you do, tell her Moody sent you. We built on strength and sacrifice over huuurrrr! Also, follow them on IG!

And of course, on Thursday, we had our first snow day so naturally, I didn’t want to do anything or get out the bed, but I had to remind myself that I had one job to do. So I went into my closet and pulled out an oversized tan button down top that I’ve barely worn. After styling it a few ways and taking some pictures, I know it will be worn more often.

What has this week taught me? Even if you’re in the house you should remind yourself who you are. Get dressed for yourself, no matter what!

Be safe and enjoy your weekend
See you in the next one

Xoxo, Jonice 💕

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