#GetDressedWithSOACG Week One

Happy December, everybody. It’s the last month of the year, how are you going to end it? If you haven’t noticed, I haven’t been getting dressed like usual. Did I get dressed during the first lockdown? Of course, I did, but once time kept passing and we’re still in the house, I just fell off. I felt there was no real need to get dressed every day, especially if I didn’t have any solid plans to leave the house.

Months later and I got sick of myself. I miss putting a look together and feeling like that b*tch. This pandemic has taught me so much this year. The most important thing I’ve learned is that every day that I wake up healthy is a reason to get dressed. I’m not doing this for anybody but myself. I deserve to look and feel good no matter the day. Plus in one of my most recent posts, ‘Shopping? What’s That?’ I expressed how I haven’t been shopping in ages. But that shouldn’t stop me from putting together looks. So that’s why this month I’m tapping back into who I truly am. No need to wait till next year to do it. Starting now will just put me on the path of enjoying getting dressed for myself and appreciating everything (clothes included) that I have.

Since this month started on a Tuesday, I only have three looks to show off. This week’s theme clearly was comfort. All the work I needed to do was in-house so I took full advantage of that but still kept it cute…as always.

The first day I had plenty of errands to run, so I put together my uniform. My uniform is always some of our merch (hoodies + shirts) and some bottoms. I take pride in being able to wear pieces with MY brand on it. I’ll wear it every day if I could. This day I kept it simple with the ‘Made Thicc’ hoodie, old laced up leggings from FTF, and leather jacket. It did it for me!

Wednesday, I wore my favorite sweater and pants. I love a crop top, but when it’s a sweater or hoodie, it’s like finding out a skirt or dress has pockets for me. Comfort .. sexy all in one. Don’t get me started on ribbed knit anything. Yes, please, I’ll take it all in size 16. It truly was one of the ultimate loungewear.

Yesterday, it was a little nice. I sat outside for a while but the minute the wind got a little of hand I came back in. Biker shorts have become one of my favorite pieces to wear. I was late to hop on this trend and I’m so glad I did. Better late than never. I paired it with a polka dot bodysuit and mix-match socks. Like I said this week was all about comfort. Next week I’m stepping it up.

Challenge yourself to do something this month that will end this year off on a great note and get you well on your way to making yourself happy for you in 2021. Today’s fit isn’t in the post but it will be on IG so dont forget to check it out!

See you in the next one
Xoxo, Jonice 💕

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