Dear Mama

With mother’s Day being this weekend and being stuck in the house what will you do? How will you still show ma how much she means to you? Back in the day, I knew when mother’s day was coming I would be excited to make her something by hand. Even though the cards were crappy, my mama would take them and smile as if it was something that was made by the best artist in the world. To be honest that may be the route to go this year (since there will be no spa day certificate this year lol). You don’t particularly have to make her a card but I think that it’s still important to show her you love her.

If you live with your mother, make her breakfast since there will be no Mother’s Day brunches. I mean come on, who doesn’t love waking up to the smell of bacon (my mother lol) or breakfast they didn’t have to make themselves? Make her day as relaxing as possible.


You can also spend time with her. Binge a few movies or a tv show that you both enjoy. Simply being there with her will probably make her day. If you don’t live with her than a facetime/zoom or phone call will do too. I think that even though this might not be the ideal way you wanted to celebrate your mother, doing anything to appreciate her will make her mother’s day complete. When all else fails, a card from CVS will make a world of difference, trust me lol.

I know that for some people this weekend is extremely hard for them if their mother is no longer here. I don’t understand that pain, but I do know that honoring her even through the pain is a way to spend the weekend. Do something that you both loved doing together. Watch her favorite movies. Get some of her favorite flowers for the house. Do what you feel like she would love for you to do for her.

This weekend, take time to show that woman in your life who played that role for you that you love, respect, and adore her. Thank her for raising the woman/man you are today.


To all the moms out there, thank you. Everything you do for your child/children doesn’t go unnoticed. The love you show is always there no matter the circumstances. This is your weekend! Enjoy every bit of it!

To Rev, I wouldn’t be the young woman I am today without you. As much as we WORK each other’s nerves I wouldn’t ask for another praying mama cause nobody can do it like you! Also happy graduation anniversary to us giiirrrlllllaaaaaaaa!


continue to be safe during this quarantine
see you in the next one
Xoxo, Jonice šŸ’•

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