Thicc World

Happy Friday!!!! How has this week been for you? For me, it’s been productive! Shoooot probably the most productive week I’ve had since this pandemic hit us. If you don’t know sometime last year I made my ‘It’s A Thicc World After All’ shirts and sold them at our 4th-anniversary party and afterward. The idea for the shirt came after I made my first merch. Somebody anonymously slid in my DMs to say, ” congratulations on your pregnancy.” Last time I checked I was nowhere near being pregnant so my response to them was an IG post that ended with, “sincerely a girl a girl who likes to eat and it shows.” I didn’t want to have to say it again so I made it into a shirt.


The response I got was so amazing I made the Thicc World shirts as a follow-up.


Ever since then my mind has been working on getting something else made but I didn’t know what to do. I started playing around with designs and I fell in love with our new Thicc World merch. It’s cozy and straight to the point. Since around 68% of women in the US wear size 14 and above, it’s truly a THICC 🌎 after all! Our bright neon shirts let it be known first, now our hoodies can do the same.

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Check out our merch IG account + Shop SOACG so you can purchase yours today and so you don’t miss anything coming your way. We’re just getting started.

We cozy and thicc around these parts! What about you?

Be safe + wash yo hands

See you in the next one

Xoxo, Jonice 💕

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