5 Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

I don’t know about you, but my favorite holiday (behind my birthday of course) is next week! It’s a great time because my cousins will be here, the best foods will all be on the table at the same time, and I know for a fact that everybody will have a great time. Who could ask for anything more? I know my OG Redd is smiling down on us. With all the family members around, we’re obligated to take pictures together, so I know that I want to look good from every angle. That only means that I have to come correct, and you should too! 

Today I’ll be giving five different looks so that we all can be picture ready!

Off the Shoulder Top w. Jeans


Yall know me as casual bae (at least that’s how I describe my style). I will rather be comfortable at all times, rather than walking like Bambi at the end of the night. I know myself, so I’ll be close to the ground, cute and comfy. This look will allow you to have room for seconds and possibly thirds while being able to dance all night.

Dress Over Jeans

IMG_5666 2IMG_5674

This isn’t the first time I’ve done this. I’m true to it, baby! I can tell you that it definitely won’t be the last time. I love that this dress happens to be asymmetrical because it looks as if the top is tucked in on one side. Stylish? Yesss sis, they’re not ready for you! If you don’t have an asymmetrical dress, wear an oversized button-down and tuck in one side of the shirt in the front so you can get a similar look.

Mini Dress w. Boots


The same dress from the previous look just without the jeans! Wearing a similar mini dress with knee-high or thigh-high boots will be the perfect replacement for the jeans. Giving sexy, extra comfy, and like the first look, allowing more space for more food lol. If it is freezing outside, you can always wear tights or pantyhose to add a layer!

Sweater & Skirt w. Heels


Out of all the looks styled, this is my favorite one! Not every family dresses up, but if your family does, or if your Friendsgiving has a set attire, this look is perfect. Wear those heels or wear a pair of cheetah print flats to keep with the monochromatic vibes. Back out all fall and winter? Yes, please. Want to give a little more? Wear that high slit skirt! Don’t think just because I’m giving back and thigh means that you have to as well, but if you are living on the wild side, do it!!! Give it a try!

Faux Lether Leggings w. Sweater

IMG_5815 2IMG_5835 2

You can style faux leather leggings in many ways. One of the popular methods is keeping it simple with pairing it with a black top. Keeping the monochromatic vibes alive and well like the fourth look. If you want to break the color scheme, then wear a denim coat/jacket or a different color trench coat. If you’re planning to go down another route, you can do that or even with a denim top, oversized sweater, or anything for that matter. Opt for booties or uggs, and with the right accessories, you’ll be more than ready.

Hopefully, this list can give you an idea of what you want to wear next week and have you ready for every picture coming your way. As long as you’re comfortable, you’ll feel good in anything you decide to wear. 

Let me know if this helped in any way! 

Enjoy your family, friends, and the foooood!

See you in the next one.

Xoxo, Jonice 


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