A Belle’s GHOE

When you think of homecoming, what comes to mind? People typically go to see old friends, turn up at all the parties, and get a few fish plates. I experienced that at this years’ GHOE minus the fishplates *crying*. What is GHOE, you ask? It is North Carolina A&T State University’s homecoming. The acronym stands for Greatest Homecoming On Earth. And honestly I have to give it to them, it is in my opinion. Being a Bennett Belle, our campus is right across the train tracks, so it wasn’t hard getting to any function during homecoming. Since I’m nowhere near that close anymore, I try to see some of my sisters, and some aggies every chance I get. This year was a success!


I know this year was a success because I barely took pictures or any videos, but the ones I did get shows exactly how lit I was. I arrived with my little sisters early Friday morning just so we could have an extra day to celebrate. Let me say we were way behind compared to how hungover everybody was when we arrived lol. To catch up, we took a few shots (mind you Maya=lil sis & I first shot was a double since it was our first time in 1C = house rules 😅) and after that, the tone was set for the weekend.

Saturday morning well afternoon is when the real fun started. After finding parking, we made our way to the yard. A&T is enormous compared to my dear ol’ Bennett, but when you add an extra 2,000+ bodies on the campus, it was beyond crowed.

VideoToGif_GIF 14.GIF

Walking around with my best friend and her mama we ran into plenty of people that we knew. The music was loud, but that allowed us to party anywhere we were. From the few pictures we took, you knew we were having a great time.

IMG_4121 2
“M-M-you’re squatting ok” – Scotty, my best freeeenn

Later that night, my friends and I went to a house party that was beyond me. It was so many people in the basement when we first got there, but we managed to find our way back to the kitchen, which was a great spot to people watch (and that’s exactly what I did). Every 5 mins it was a new set of people that made their way to the basement. I don’t know how they made it work, especially after it started raining, but they made it work.


All and all, like every year, it’s a great trip that I look forward to around Oct. Is this the only time I spend time with fellow belles I went to school with or people I met while in school? Of course not, but its the perfect time to see EVERYBODY at once.

I feel like everybody should experience their homecoming as many times as possible. But I believe you should visit A&T during GHOE and different homecomings to feel and see the vibes for yourself. Enjoying yourself is key to any homecoming, so don’t let somebody else’s experience ruin yours before you even get there.

I was able to have brunch with my friends before I left town, so I needed something cute to wear then and on the road. This honestly was perfect and probably will wear it again. Who knows *shrug* I do and I know I will lmao

Jacket: Ross

Dress: Zara

Shoes: Nasty Gal

Now that homecoming season is slowly coming to an end, and Halloween is over its time to BLAST THE CHRISTMAS MUSIC!!!

Enjoy your weekend + be safe
See you in the next one
Xoxo, Jonice

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