I Went To CurvyCon 2019

Chiiiilllllllle OMG! Where do I even begin? If you asked me to describe what I experienced at CurvyCon in 3 words, they would be: exciting, overwhelming (so right though), and welcoming. Let’s say I still in recovery mode.


Y’all know I have been waiting and waiting for this weekend to happen. I had no idea what to expect, but I knew that at the end of the weekend I would walk away with more than I came with; bags and friends alike.

I got to New York early Thursday morning so that I wouldn’t miss out on anything because of possible traffic. I checked in and got some food before the workout party started. Me being extremely excited, my mom and I walked to the venue 30 minutes before it started. I expected a long line, but another attendee and I were the very first ones, and 10 mins later the line was down the block. So we go in, get our badges (they were serious when they said you must have them the entire weekend to get into the events happening throughout the weekend), and walk into a drumline going OFF!!! I honestly can say they got me hype for whatever was about to happen. Pretty Big Movement came through and taught us a few moves to Lizzo’s Juice. Did I break a sweat in the process? Hell yeah. But did I have fun while doing it? OF COURSE, If you asked me to show you what I learned, I wouldn’t be able to because it was FAST, but if you were to put me in the same situation again, I’d move till I couldn’t move anymore.


The next day I was cloud 12! I attended the Target Fashion Show and did the majority of my shopping along with sitting in a few panel discussions the next day (I’ll post the clips on my story so you can have a peak). Day 2 allowed me to Kelly Augustine, Gavyn Taylor and the designer behind Zelie For She, Elann!!!! I’ve been following them for years and always wanted to introduce myself to them, and I’m so glad I was able to this weekend.

Kelly + I

The fact that I cried when I met Kelly came out of nowhere. I mean I know I was excited, but when the tears started, I shocked myself lol. Kelly was a sweetheart because she wiped my tears while telling me to stop, or she would cry. I pulled myself together and pulled out a ThiccWorld top out of my bag for her to have. She read the shirt and loved it. If she ends up wearing it on IG, I WILL LOSE MY SHIT!!!!! (sorry mom) But it’s true. I will end up on the floor exactly like I did that night once I got back to my hotel room.


OKAY BUT GAVYN RECOGNISED ME FROM MY IG!!!!!! LIKE EXCUSE ME?!?!?!? She remembered my little ol face?!?!?! Wow! I was shaking in my boots when I walked up to her. I didn’t want to bother, but I had pulled up and hopped out since I looked too good! Plus when would I get this opportunity again?! Who knows I might end up seeing them again (Lord willing)!

Gavyn + I

Elann is top 2 and not 2 in my book! I’ve been head over heels for Zelie For She for a minute, and I know for a fact that I will continue to be in the future. Her pieces are different and all-around beautiful. I’m always down to support designers who design for us plus size women, especially if she is a black woman! After purchasing a few things from her racks, I told her that I planned on wearing her oversized silk dress to the homecoming party the following night(which was terrific! The food was delicious), and she was so excited! I told her that I made a few alterations to it, and she couldn’t wait to see it! That alone made more excited to wear it! And I believe I SLAAAYYYYEEDDDD!!!!!


But please let’s not forget that I also met Nadia Aboulhosn on Day 3. I was a sweaty mess, but I couldn’t miss out on meeting another fav! She is definitely one of the most down to earth people you will ever meet. She was more ready for pics than I was lol.


Oh by the way when I was walking down the hallway, Melanie Fiona stopped me and told me she loved my earrings. I could have walked away from the venue and not return for the remainder of the day, and I would have been content!

Like I stated before, the last day was the most overwhelming. So many of the influencers that I follow were all in the same room, and I couldn’t pull a name out to save my ass lol But trust and believe that I was throwing compliments left and right!

Now it wouldn’t be CurcyCon if we didn’t walk away with plenty of goodies. From all the shopping and free giveaways I went back home with more bags than I initially brought with me.

Let’s get into it!!!!

The vendors were everything and then some…I could have gone broke, but I didn’t lol! Of course, Target was in the building, but they weren’t the only ones. Good AmericanMacy’sHenningTorridWalmartTamara MalasRebdollsZelie For She, and so many more!


The pieces that were in the Target fashion show are all from the 20th Anniversary Collection, and we were the first to be able to shop the collection. I wanted everything I could fit, but I had to be responsible. So I ended up getting this cute Phillip Lim dress. It has a slight high-low hem along with a hidden zipper in the front. I also got a free pair of jeans from Dia & Co and a free jean jacket from Torrid! I can’t forget out all the goodies in the glitter swag bag!!!!



I also purchased a two-piece snake print set and an oversized orange dress that comes with a belt from Zelie For She. Believe me that these pieces won’t be hanging in the closet long. Yall will see me in each very soon.



IMG_3228 2

Will I be attending next year’s CurvyCon? You better believe I’m saving up right now! You should, too, because this is a fantastic opportunity to meet some of your favorite bloggers, influencers, and make connections with women from all walks of life. If you ever want to make a trip to the next CC but don’t want to go alone, GO! You’ll miss out waiting on someone else. TREAT YO’SELF!!!!


CurvyCon, Thank you for giving women like myself a space to connect, grow, and feel free to be ourselves! You’ve set the standard high!

p.s. I’ll be adding clips from the weekend on the IG story later today so you can really get a peek if you missed anything!

Also follow TheCurvyCon on social media so you’ll be in the loop for next year! IG + Twitter

Be safe + enjoy your weekend!

See you in the next one

Xoxo, Jonice 💕


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