Top Fall Trends that You Should Add NOW!

Well, it looks like the back to school commercials are back, which means we are weeks away from the weather finally cooling down!

praise god.gif

That also means that your closet is ready for some fall cleaning. Yes, you heard right fall cleaning. Its time to add the sweaters, boots, and most importantly, hoodies!!!! Even though I’m a spring baby, that season does not agree with me at all. I thrive when I wear layers. As the young people of this generation say, “I can’t wait till fall so I can start dressing.” Such a heada** statement, but so true lol

Back in January, I made a post regarding the trends that would take over during the spring and summer. They have taken over hot girl summer, and plan on continuing into the fall and winter. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a few more trends joining the party. Below I will go into detail about what’s about to make your Fat/Fluffy Girl Fall POP!

Trench Coats

I’ve owned one before, but I ended up donating it because I wanted another one that stood out. And over time I’ve spotted a few that will make any outfit look good. White Tshirt, with jeans and a pair of boots, wear your trench. It’s very chic and cozy at the same time. You’ll get the best of both worlds.


Not all heroes wear capes, but you could real soon. A few years ago capes made their appearance on tops and dresses, but now they’re making their return in the exact form of outerwear. Will you stunt in one?


Everybody loves a good suit. Suits tailored perfectly on a man is personally one of my weaknesses. But when I see a woman in a suit that not only commands my attention, but it also has me drooling I want to know more about this woman. Who is she? What does she do? We also know about the blazer dresses that made a scene at the beginning of spring, but I haven’t seen much tailoring needed with the suits that have graced the runways and soon to be malls. You know the saying “the brighter, the better?” well now its,” the looser, the more stylish!”


Around this time last year, it seemed like everybody and their mama were all on the pleather mini skirt wave. I wanted to join in on the trend, but didnt have the chance. I actaully will get the chance this time because leather is making a comback; and not just leather skirts. I’m talking about full head to toe leather looks. Will you rock this trend?

Asymmetrical Neckline

Y’all know I love a good off the shoulder top or dress, and I plan on enjoying this trend into the fall, but I’ve seen more asymmetrical pieces more than ever. Back in the day, I would cut the collar off my t-shirts so I could show some shoulder and be different. Now that this trend has graced many runways its time to bring it back out to play.

Balloon/Bell Sleeves

Last week I wore one of my favorite shirts from Boohoo. It’s a simple wrap top, but the sleeves make the shirt what it is. THE DRAMATICS OF IT ALL!!! From bell to balloon sleeves, I will be all up and through this trend, even more, this fall. It will make you stand out and command anyone’s attention, all while having a little fun.

Out of all of the trends listed and soon to come, what are your faves? Will you make these trends work for you or not? I want to see you try each one during the fall and winter to see which one is yours for the taking.

As always enjoy your weekend + be safe
See you in the next one
Xoxo, Jonice 💕

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