How Mercury Retrograde Played with My Whole Entire Life

Mercury. MF. RETROGRADE!!!! Excuse me, but we need to talk. I need to speak to you about how you dragged me by my hair and whatever I could hold onto for the last three weeks of July.

Before I go any further with this letter, let me explain what mercury retrograde to the best of my abilities. So this itch between A and C comes to mess with your whole life through transportation and communication. It’s an INTENSE transition. Emotional, to say the least. You’ll also get over people in your life who don’t have a place in your life anymore. There’s a lot more that goes into it, but ill be here all day trying to explain it. Shout out to May for breaking it down for me!!!


Can we acknowledge how you showed out with that transportation part? My car started heating up but would cool down once I put coolant in it. This all started the week before my cousin’s wedding. So I wasn’t too worried because I wasn’t going to driving that much anyway, but that all changed when I returned home. My car got to the point where it started smoking and shaking. I was too scared to drive it, so it sat in my driveway for weeks, which felt like forever! Do you know cabin fever? Usually, you go through this when its snowing and you stuck in the house. Well, that was me. The past weeks have had to be the most stressful weeks I have personally experienced during MR ever!!!! I’ve missed possible job interviews and so much more.


BUT IM BACK AND IM BETTER! I have my baby BB back, and I’m going on moves. When I got my car again, I drove around all over just because I could. The freedom to go as I please was back babbyyyyy!

As I sit and write this letter to your RUDE SELF, I’ve found the light at the end of the tunnel. I look at the downtime I had as being able to save my money. Throughout this transition of MR, I laughed, I cried (I mean the kind of crying where you can hardly breathe lol), but in the end, I made it!

It’s a new month, new goals, new opportunities. I have a few events I’m attending this month which I’ll keep yall in the loop. Plus I have to get my looks ready for CURVYCON!!!!

Take this month by the horns and control it to the best of your ablities! After all that BS we went through we deserve to have a fresh start, so make the most of it.

and as for you MR

fuck you

I hope this mercury retrograde wasn’t as bad as it was for me! If it was, look at you. We made it!

As always be safe and enjoy your weekend

See you in the next one

Xoxo, Jonice 💕

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