Year ‘Fo Pool Party

On June 16th, 2015, I stepped out of my comfort zone as a new college grad. I asked myself everyday after I came down from my graduation high, “Now that I’m out in the real world, what am I going to do?” For me to do what I wanted, I had to introduce myself. So I decided to do that with a fashion blog called Styles of a Curvy Girl. 4 years down the line I’ve posted over 200 blog posts, inspired many women, and made connections that will last a lifetime. Of course, I couldn’t go without having a little celebration, so I threw a pool party.


As a blogger, this was only my second event I’ve planned, so I was nervous about the turnout. I told myself that I would promote for a month and hope for the best. “Regardless of who shows up or not I’m throwing myself this party” If you follow me on IG or twitter, you’ve seen a little bit of how it all went down, but if you don’t this is why I’m here today.

This party probably was the best way to celebrate our birthday and to start the summer off on the right foot. My DJ, Tevin, provided the vibes from start to finish.


The food was POPPING!! Like I don’t think yall will ever understand how much I love my father’s cooking. I want everybody to at least to experience it once because of its that good (I even wrote a paper about his mac n’ cheese in high school and his lasagna in college). My aunt kept the drinks skrong and coming. I mean the punch alone had vodka, tequila, and more vodka, and on top of that, we had an open bar too. All Ima say is DRONK, but responsibly dronk.


Usually when you go to a pool party its 3 ppl in the pool and everybody else sitting on the side. NOT AT MY PARTY!!! WE HAD IT UP! We had three floaties, and the inflatable bull. That bull was more difficult than an actual mechanical one (I mean I haven’t been on one yet), but I think its harder because it was slippery. I tried to ride a few times but fell right into the pool. No grip or anything lol.


Of course, we danced all night. It wouldn’t be a cookout if we didn’t do the electric slide and the booty call.

My favorite part about the party was how comfortable everybody was. The minute you walked through the gate, you felt and saw the vibes. During the party, my vendors pulled me to side, and to make a long story short said, ” look at this. Really take this in Moody. You did this. It’s because of your blog and your self-confidence that has these women out here flaunting what they mama gave them.” At that moment, I was a ball of tears. I’ve felt the love and support over the years through every retweet, share, like, and comment, but it is nothing like seeing it in person.


Friends from ATL, NJ, and NC came to support me. People I’ve never met showed up with friends because they heard about us. That right there showed me that I can’t stop. If I’ve ever felt like I was just making these posts every week for myself because “nobody’s watching”, I was proved wrong because y’all showed up and showed out!

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I can’t count how many times I’ve said thank you since the party. I’m still in shock even after 3 weeks. Just know my thank yous won’t stop. I can’t go a day without thanking my parents. They have been holding me down even before SOACG existed. They have gone above and beyond for me when it comes to my brand. Thank you for believing in me even when it didn’t make sense. Not many can say they have their parents’ full support, but I’m glad I can say I do. To my followers, where do I start? I have 4 years worth of thank yous to let loose, but I won’t because we’ll be here forever lol. I don’t care if you’ve been following me since the beginning or just hopped on the SOACG train I’m beyond glad and grateful that you’re here. Thank you for reading and telling whoever about us. It means the world to me.


I want yall to know that this year is going to take us to places and the first place is CURVY CON! I honestly can’t wait to give yall all the tea and inside scoop at plus size heaven! I can’t wait to see what happens before that and beyond. Next year’s party is going to be bigger than this. You want in? Ride with me.

One more thing: if you want to view the story from the pool party hop over to our IG and view today’s story.

Thank you.

Enjoy your holiday + be safe
See you in the next one
Xoxo, Jonice 💕




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