It’s Our Blogaversay!

5-years. 1,825 days. We made it.

If you would’ve told me in 2015 that the blog that I started in my apartment on June 16th would have me here, I probably wouldn’t believe you. I started this blog because I wanted to get my foot out in the fashion industry somehow after graduating, but I had no idea exactly how. Instead of wondering what, who, when, or why I just did it. This blog was not perfect in the beginning, but every year we have grown together. I love what she has done for me. The connections I’ve made and the people I have met are just the cherries on top. Year 5 we going up and it wouldn’t be able to happen without you. Every comment, view, share and follow means the world to me. I love yall for real.

This was the year everybody was looking forward to after last year’s party (which was a huge success). But due to this pandemic, our festivities are put on hold until further notice. Just because we can’t party how we want to doesn’t mean we aren’t going to turn up. Tonight we will be having an IG live party including a virtual pop-up shop. If you want first dips on their products visit my vendors right now:

Bijoux’s Basket | Beaded By Na | Shadez By Mishon | Aura Pot Treats

Use code SOACGTurns5 when shopping with Beaded By Na to get $5 off your entire purchase of $25 or more! & its free shipping!!!!

I look forward to seeing you on IG tonight at 7pm at @SOACurvyGirl!!!

Today is the start of another year to grow SOACG. I may not know where I’m going but I know I got a few plans!! It’s going to be a good time with even better people. More connections. More collabs. More opportunities. More merch!

Year 5 show me what you got.

Thank you again for all your support!

Xoxo, Jonice 💕

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