Birthday Giiiiirrrlllll

I love yall and this beautiful month, but I love her more. So today’s post is gonna be extra short (like us).


My mama, the most caring woman I know. She is the best mother (even when she’s being annoying) a young woman like myself could ask for. When you look at her know that’s all me, jokes and all. Believe it or not, she is CORNY! Like really corny. It’s terrible because if she’s telling a joke, she’ll laugh at the punchline before she even says it to everybody else. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Our relationship is SOLID even on our worst days!! Just know she has my back and I have her’s. If you try it, you’ll see her standing there ready to ask all the questions and if you know the Lord as your savior lol.


I could go on and on about how stylish and open she is, but this post would be extremely long and I don’t have time for that tonight. *YAWN*


I’ll be working majority of today, but I’ll be doing everything I can to make her day one of the best birthdays to date before and after I get off.


I can’t wait to continue the madness with you this month! There’s a saying that says, everything that glitters ain’t gold but when it comes to her that statement couldn’t be more wrong. She shines whenever she gets the chance whether it’s her clothes or her personality. She’s pure gold.

So here’s to you Cletus, tonight is kinda special!

I love you mommy! Happy Birfffday girrrlllllll!


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