Selling Clothes on Poshmark

What do you do when you have clothes you no longer want or can fit? You have the options to sell or donate those items. Some items I have donated or torn away if they were too worn. The other items I chose to sell to make some quick cash. Everybody probably has heard of the many options that allow you to sell those clothes. Out of all of them, my favorite has to be Poshmark. Within the app, they have different categories from women’s, children’s, and even men’s. So there is a place for everybody.

I really enjoy this company because they have different ways to promote the clothing you are selling. You can share your clothing and your follower’s as well. The most popular way is to share your items is during the different parties they host (and you can even do little shopping yourself if you want). They make selling the clothes extremely easy because of the shipping. The label that they provide is pre-paid. You print the label out, pack it up, and drop it off at your local post office or mailbox.

The best part is the minute your customer receives the item you get your money directly into your balance. You have the choice to either use your earnings by shopping on the website with other users or simply direct deposit it into your bank account.

Bonus: You’re about to make an offer for some pieces if you don’t want to pay the price its listed at. You won’t get the price you want all the time but 50% of the time it’s a win-win situation if the seller wants to get the item off their hands quickly.

Your clothes don’t go to waste and you get paid!

I’ve had many sales since I started selling, and since then I’ve done a little updating to my closet. Here’s a look at a few of my favorites:

Comic Bodycon Dress


If you love bodycon dresses, this dress is perfect for you. What made me get the dress is the comic book print. It’s so unique and definitely a conversation piece.

2 Piece Set

IMG_5808 2IMG_5810IMG_5815

Neon is making a come back so this set is perfect. Having sets make it so easy for you to get dressed in a short amount of time. You instantly look well put together with little effort. My collection of sets will also grow because they are stylish and simple. Oooooo did I mention comfy too?

LBD w/ Mesh Detail

I’m actually sad this dress is too small for me now. This is another piece that’s perfect for the ones who love bodycon dresses. I haven’t worn it in years but I remember how good I looked in it. Hopefully, she can be someone’s favorite LBD like she was for me.

Floral Halter Dress


This has been the hanging in my closet for years and I’ve never let it see the light of day. With spring slowly making its way around the corner right along with the wedding season, this dress is perfect!

Black and White Strapless Dress



It has pockets. bye. Need I say more?

Ripple Skirt


This skirt is so stretchy. Better yet there is extra room for it to be a 1X. If you’re a size 3x this skirt will fit you with no problems. Style like this or a little more casual. Whatever you plan to do you’ll look amazing I have pieces ranging from large to 2X (all depending on the piece). Once the item is sold, its gone! But don’t be sad, I update my closet every week (mostly Sundays). I make sure that each piece is clean before I ship to you and I price them based off the wear. If it is NWT the price will be higher than most.

Browse my closet and other sellers’, you may never know what brand name you may come across at a CHEAP price.

My Closet

Happy Shopping!

See you in the next one

Xoxo, Jonice 💕

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