Did Somebody Say Shopping?!

Tis the season to do your major holiday shopping! Let me be one of the first to officially say HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! With Thanksgiving making its way around the corner who said you can’t prepare for shopping like you would for dinner.

When it comes to Black Friday my family and I use to be apart of the crowd that stood in line early in the morning and would be up all day on Monday for the cyber sales. Once stores started opening up on Thanksgiving night it truly took the fun out of it for me. Now that I’m older you won’t catch me standing in line anywhere outside at 5 am or earlier. Last year I did my shopping like a normal person and didn’t have the crowds or arguments over who is getting the last of whatever was on the shelf. I go shopping on my time and comfort, and that’s the only way it will get done successfully this year because Susan will not burst my bubble.

The parental units are of course at the top of list and family and friends fall afterward. To keep myself on track I definitely will have a list again, but this year’s list is mainly for me.

I haven’t treated myself to a small spree in a while, so I feel like its only right that I do next weekend. Of course, I didn’t even get the chance to consider getting anything from Cardi B’s collection with Fashion Nova because it sold out within hours. Maybe when they restock I might have a small chance (I probably won’t lol).

cam nod


I plan to do slight damage for myself on this day because most of my stores are online. BF is really designated to get my family their gifts.

Kohl’s, Nordstrom, TargetBest Buy etc: They actually start their sales EARRLLLYYY which is really smart. Usually, all department stores take the time to give early sales the week of BF before the major sale begins. The deals may not be that much but who said 15%-25% still isn’t a deal. Catch a few 50%-70% off signs on Friday. I guarantee you won’t walk out of a store with nothing in your hands.

Fashion To FigureLoft, Forever 21 & Torrid: I don’t know about you, but I love to try on my clothes before I buy them. I hate the whole process of returning items so I take that extra time to make sure I’m not spending any unnecessary money. Major retail stores will have their Cyber Monday sales, but its always better to step in real quick. You may never know what you will come across that might not be online.


NOW if the fitting rooms are wild as I think they will be, I won’t try them on. Thankfully I at least know how their pieces fit because I have frequent flyer miles with them lol. At this point, everybody should.

Cyber Monday

Chiiiiiiiiilllllleeee this list can go on for days! Before I start let me get my card ready…


With so many boutiques and major retail stores being online this should be a national holiday. I won’t be surprised if a few items sell out or even if a website crashes.

Oh but trust and believe some of the favs will see me! Rebdolls, BooHoo, maybe a lil Zelie For She, Elloquii, and chiiillleeee ASOS. I need new jeans in such a bad way. Lord willing Iwill come across a few pair that will fit right and bless these thighs of mine.

Now you know I couldn’t forget everybody’s favorite: AMAZON!!!!!!!
Yall already know that the sales will make you feel like you are stealing and running for your life. I’m praying for free shipping and over 50% off sales. Have your way LAAAWWDDD!

use me.gif

I just want to give honor to my mother’s prime account that I WILL be using. OVERNIGHT SHIPPING, I SEE YOU BOO!!! I also see a new ring light in my future. Who knows after watching a few reviews on the clothing from Amazon I might have to hop on that train soon.

All I know that next weekend is going to be a great time. Trust me when I say that my body, wishlists, and bank account are ready.

Let me know what stores you plan on shopping at in the comments!

Enjoy your weekend and all the food to come

Xoxo, Jonice 💕

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