One Skirt, Four Looks

Thrifting. Everybody should know something about this. You probably have a few thrift stores in your neighborhood or even have a few things already in your closet.

There was a time where I wouldn’t want to tell people where I would get some of my clothes from because it was from a thrift store, but my oh my have times changed. Over the years it seems like everybody all of sudden starting bragging about getting certain pieces from going thrifting. Sometimes its a hit and sometimes its a miss. Taking your time is key when your shopping at Value Village or Unique (my favorite stores to shop in MD). when you go thrifting, you’ll have something unique and at a low price in your bag.

A few weeks ago my mother and I went to one of our favorites, and it just happened to be a Monday. Monday’s are special because there is always an extra 25% off on everything in the store. When its a holiday and it’s on a Monday, the sale is everything 50% off! You already know that the parking lots were packed. We were in there for about an hour and a half. In that time I managed to go through every rack that I wanted to and try on everything that I picked up. My favorite just happens to be this skirt.


Fall is definetly here so the need to layer is fastly approaching, but not quite yet. Wear an oversized cropped sweater like this keeps you cozy, but still in the element of slaying! The slplit in the skirt is the showstopper. It’s like ‘ I’m giving you a little something, but not too much’ and I love it.


Top: Forever 21

Skirt: Value Village Thrift Store

Shoes: JustFab


I mean c’mon now..

Theres no need for words. This look simply speaks for itself.


Bralette: Forever 21 (no longer in stock)

Top: Pink Plastic

Skirt: Value Village Thrift Store

Shoes: Dolce Vita


This look is perfect for any casual setting. You could be running errands,  having a lunch date, going to a homecoming tailgate, or simply chilling, you’ll be ready no matter the s(l)ituation.


Top: SOACG ‘Im Gon Eat’ Shirt

Jacket: Fashion To Figure

Skirt: Value Village Thirft Store

Out and About..

Time to get dressed up and sit in the living room for Thanksgiving. You know this is the day where you must be picture ready, plate in hand or not. You may not get this dressed up for Thanksgiving, but there are holiday parties coming up. Let this be youur inspiration for that night.



Top: Fashion To Figure

Skirt: Value Village Thrift Store

Shoes: Dolce Vita

Flip, dip and reverse these looks to your liking this season. Show off one time if you by tagging us on IG  (@SOACurvyGirl). I want to see th slayage okuuurrr!

As always enjoy your weekend and be safe

See you in the next one

Xoxo, Jonice 💕

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