Pretty in Pink

How do you feel like when you find a new store to shop at?!?!

omg lmao

Usually this is my reaction when I walk out any store with bags in my hand. My emotions are heighted when its somewhere like B. Couture Boutique!

I came across this lovely boutique at District of Curves Fashion Show and finally got the chance to see all the greatness for myself at their Girl’s Night Out Pop Up. After seeing the pieces on the runway and their brand ambassador ShaDiamond in a few pieces I needed to get in on the goods.

During the pop up I met some amazing women who are flourishing within their own lanes. The Killa Klozet has you covered with the coziest fur slides, cute fanny packs (shoulder bag 🙄 I still don’t understand why people wear it across their chests but thats another conversation for another day), and makeup galore. If you a boss and don’t want to explain why or how than Boss Bae is here for you. Let their different appearl do all the talking for you in the most fly way possible. I also met with K’s Closet. There’s this one shirt she had in stock that ws calling my name! Y’all know it was stripe lol. Even though I didn’t purchase that gorgeous shirt I’ll be on her site buying something!!

Of course I didn’t leave empty handed! Before I got too excited I had to ask Brie, the boss bae behind everything B. Couture, what their largest size was and yall they carry up to 3X in certain peices. I went to the fitting room multiple times, but its funny that I didn’t even need to try on this bad boy.



I spotted it while I was at the register and when Brie told me about the stretch of the dress I knew I wouldn’t need to try it on but I did. I walked out of the store with a MEDIUM. Yup you read that right, a medium. Ribbed pieces tend to stretch like crazy, but still it never gets old when my size 16 ass gets into anything smaller than that lol.

Next to stripes this material has me sold every time. This material makes an apperience during the fall since its lightweight and still keeps you warm. It gives you the chance to layer said piece however you want. In this case a leather jacket will be perfect. With the right booties and purse, you can take such a simple dress to another level.


TBH I wouldn’t be surprised if I wore this dress into the ground and got another one or a dress simular to it. No matter what the case will be, I’ll be shopping at B. Couture from now on and of course you should too. If you want to shop, sip, and paint you should join us at the next event!


If you want all the goods that they have to offer visit them at their location and their website! You might find the top that will complete your next look for brunch or event you attend. When you get there tell Brie Jonice sent you!

B. Couture Boutique

5805 Silver Hill Rd Unit H

District Heights, MD 20747

As always enjoy your weekend and be safe

See you in the next one

Xoxo, Jonice 💕


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