NYFW ’18

Where do you begin when it comes to one of the most important weeks within the fashion industry? Street style, the runway? There’s so much that goes into NYFW you can honestly start anywhere. I sat on my couch and watched every show I could like I was on the front row. I’ve said this before and I will keep saying it till I get there. This will be the last year I’m not at theCurvyCon or NYFW. I want to experience everything that the week has to offer me firsthand.

Street style has to be one of my favorite things when it comes to fashion. Anybody and I mean anybody can show out in their best, fancy or not. This is where individual style speaks volumes. Instyle did this year’s street style gallery a little bit differently and I can say that I am OBSESSED! It was dedicated to plus-size women who were SLAYING everywhere (like always). has changed but the fact that plus-size women are getting the recognition they deserved. Kellie B (the first plus-size influencer + vlogger I followed) actually started #FatAtFashionWeek a few years ago, and I’ve been following her ever since. I had to give this year a theme that would be it. I mean come one now with CurvyCon going on at the same time, it was only a matter of time before photographers like Lydia Hudgens camera would be loaded with pictures. I follow all of the influencers and bloggers (and Lydia) who were featured in the gallery. The style and grace that is featured are untouched! It’s BEEN time that people realize that style has no size range, but until everyone get a full grasp of what we’re talking about, we’ll be here continuing to show OWT! I can say with my chest out and head held high, that my favs did that. Take a look for yourself.

There is one show in particular that I will always be excited for over everything else: Chromat. I was head over heels for the company when I was watching their 2014 NYFW showcase. Chiiillle when I saw Denise Bidot walked on their runway, I was hooked. Seeing Chromat Cage for the first time, on bodies that looked like mine, really sent me over the moon. The collection alone is different from anything like I’ve seen. It’s powerful. It commands your attention. This season’s collection Saturation was no different.

As you know society would say usually going to the pool and being plus size was a huge no-no. Showing skin was looked down upon. Praise God that times have changed along with the mindset of many designers who are pushing the limit and giving us beautiful swimsuits that we crave to be in. But back in the day many men and women would go to the pool or beach in a t-shirt because they didn’t want to have people look at them in all their plump glory. Chromat decided that ” this collection is inspired by wet t-shirts, reclaiming the experience of hiding under a giant T-shirt at a pool party and making it a garment to wear proudly.”

Photos: Chromat

This collection gives you the chance to cover what you want and still know that you look good! I’m not shy when it comes to showing off what I have, but this collection might have me ready to cover up a lil something. Each piece is beautiful, from the maxi dress to the ‘sample size’ t-shirt. DROP. DEAD. GORGEOUS.

I could go on and on about every show but I won’t because this post would go on for days lol. While looking at the shows I’ve come across a few designers that are new to me. I must say you have to dive deep into their work because it is fascinating.

Pyer Moss

Words to decribe this collection: unapologetic. bold. black. proud.


Photos: Business of Fashion

Gabriela Hearst

Words to decribe this collection: elegant. poise. *gasp* (literally)


Photos: Business of Fashion

Listen if this what is going to be available in the spring then count me in! I may not be able to get these exact pieces, but there are plenty of brands, new and old that will have you ready for the fall and next spring. Hit your local mall or even a small boutique to see what you can recreate and make your own.

What are some of the brands you enjoyed during Fashion Week or currently obsessed with? Let me know in the comments!

Enjoy your weeknd + be safe

See you in the next one

Xoxo, Jonice 💕

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