We All Need One

Need a mini break? A slight vacation? Come on let me lead the way.

During the summer people tend to treat themselves to a trip they’ve been saving up for months or even take a staycation. What about taking a break from social media? I’ve been contemplating on if I ever would do this since all my business is handled over the interwebs. I know that it truly necessary to take time for yourself and just go complete DND sometimes. After listening to everybody ask Keke if she still loves Drake I figured it was the perfect time to 2 step off social media. I did post occasionally on IG to keep my audience happy, but the main platform I knew I needed a break from was Twitter. From the memes to everyday shenanigans I knew I deserved this. And let me just say that even though it was brief I enjoyed every minute of it.

During this week I really had nothing planned to do. I wanted to be completely relaxed. Honestly, I did not leave my house unless I needed to (which is what I do anyway…my homebody game strong). Since I had all the time in the world to do whatever I wanted, I had to tackle my priorities first. I focused on my the program/class I’m currently taking. Not being distracted by the mentions and possible endless scrolling I put my head deep into taking as many notes as I could. I took a few days to do that and then I TOTALLY relaxed. I watched some good documentaries via Vice and on TV. I told myself I wasn’t going to do this to myself again, but I got caught up in this show called Life Sentence on Netflix. I need to relax and not rush through the ONLY ONE season that they have up right now, but the show is so good! If you happen to come across a show with 1 season, TAKE YO TIME!

CHIIIILLLLLLEEEE I even cooked this week! I do know how to I just get lazy every once in a while. Most of my money goes to Panera, Wendy’s, and Uber Eats. So I took this week to depart from my favs as well. I went grocery shopping and stayed way under the budget! Shoutout to Aldi’s one time. I made stuffed chicken with rice and then so much PAASSTTAAA. I love when my father cooks. I try to take mental notes and watch him go to work. Is he following a cookbook? Of course not. THAT’S how good I want to be in the kitchen, but for right now I’ll get a good cookbook and try to make a majority of the dishes.

Moral of the story is you need to detach from social media sometimes so you can focus on you and not on someone else’s life. It’s a distraction if you let it be. During the week I didn’t even want to get on Twitter most days because I knew it was going to repetitive the entire time. Take time to do you. You’ll never know what you can accomplish during that time.

I might even do this monthly. A lil break never hurt anybody. If you do this how long will you depart ways with social media?

Enjoy your weekend & be safe!
See you in the next one

Xoxo, Jonice 💕

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