One Top, Two Looks

Happy Belated Cookout Day (Fourth of July). If you were like my family we celebrated the holiday a few days early. But in the end we had a slight function the day of. My neighbors had the fireworks going all night long. It was good to just relax and have fun with family and friends. Now that all the hot dogs and burgers have been eaten, lets talk about how to keep cool and cute during this heatwave!!!

It’s too hot for anything tight or even anything at all. When it comes down to it I would love to be in the house in front of the AC enjoying something nice and cold. But of course if I do have to leave I’l find something loose as a goose so I don’t get started sweating and whatnot.

Now if I ever happen to step out in this heat it will be when the sun goes down. I don’t know about you, but this heat is abusive! I read a tweet reccently that said “Don’t invite me anywhere unless its brunch or after the sun goes down.” That really doesn’t mean anything, the humidity last all night long and just as intense during the day.  So to keep cool and cute here is how I styled a button down top into two looks.

Highwaisted Jeans + Heels.


If the heels are too much (I took them off moments later) grab you a pair of cute sandals that will be perfect for the pictures and comfortable for your walking needs.


Wearing a loose top with a bottom that is tighter will give you the cool calm and stil cute look that will be perfect for a date or a night out with the girls. You can leave it hanging or tuck it in. Whatever works for you, work it sis!

Top: JustFab || Jeans: Thirft Store || Shoes: Katy Perry

Shorts + Sandals w. Bright Accessories


Top: JustFab || Shorts: Fashion To Figure || Shoes: Kate Spade || Purse: Nine West

This is all me! Sun’s out, thighs out! In this weather we don’t have time to sweat like crazy. Shed those few layers and show some skin, but keep the chub rub remedies handy. Nobody likes to be in pain and hot at the same time. The bright accessories bring life to this look. From the Kate Spade Sandals to the fun earrings, you can never go wrong with color.

When in doubt and heat, shed the layers and bring out the colors!

Have a great weekend and stay cool!

See you in the next one

Xoxo, Jonice 💕

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