Clearly, muva nature still holding spring hostage! FREE HER BECAUSE I GOT A FEW PIECES I’M READY TO WEAR. This dress just happens to be the main one.


When its warm outside, I hate to wear pants. Nobody has time to be extra hot. This isn’t new either lol my mother can even tell you, I’ve always been like this. I probably will wear a dress every day this spring/summer because I’m TIDE of this cold. I want to show off my BYKE, my thighs, and my white toes without freezing.

The Sarah – Convertible Wrap Dress allows to do all that and then some. This dress caught my attention immediately when I visited GCGme. This company caters to women of all shapes and sizes. They understand that trends change within a blink of an eye, so they aim to keep every customer satisfied with their versatile, fashionable, and elegant pieces. I can tell you that with this dress alone, I know for a fact that they are doing an amazing job!


The most important thing I love about this dress is you can wear it multiple ways, so let’s just say its about 6+ different ways you can style this dress.

Inside the package came the dress and a small card giving you directions on how to twist, tie, fold, and wrap the dress into the desired styles of your liking. I tried to flip and dip the sashes into the different ways that were listed, but I only did four. I know that as time goes on I will know how to tuck and tie appropriately lol.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE that the dress is made out of jersey material. It moves right along with every step you take. The colors are so bright and will have all eyes on you.

I’m not going to lie, I was afraid that the dress was going to be way too long since I am only 5’3. I would wear heels if necessary, but not every time I want to wear it. Thankfully the dress falls right at my feet. I see no tripping in my future! Sandals will be worn err’y time, OKUUUURRRR! If it had pockets I’d be overwhelmed with joy and possibly broke from buying more!



If you love maxi dresses like me, then hop on over to GCGme to take a look at ALL their dresses. They have every style of dress & accessories you may need for any occasion. When you finally are ready to checkout, tell them SOACG sent you!


Happy Shopping 🙂

See you in the next one

Xoxo, Jonice

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