Plus & Poppin

There is nothing like supporting black women and women in general, but it feels even better when you know the woman personally.

One of my little sisters from Bennett College, Mykia, started her own business and I knew I had to show my support the moment I could. With her business, she is encouraging plus size and curvy women to reclaim their confidence. She does this by selling T-shirts, phone cases, and so much more.

I leave for vacation tomorrow so you know I’m running around all day getting everything together. Usually, when I’m running errands I want to comfortable af, and cute. This shirt allows me to do just that! I wish Spring would stop playing and pull up because I could wear this with some shorts or a cute skirt with some open toe shoes, but for now, the sweats will do. Hopefully when I get back in town maybe she will be here for spring and not for a day.

I fell in love with the shirt that I purchased because its everything I am; pretty, paid, plus size and poppin!!!

Check out Plus and Poppin!Plus & Poppin’s IG

I guarantee that you will find something that you know you need and want to stunt in!

ALSO with me going on vacation this week, there will not be a set for #PolyvoreWednesday or a blog post on Friday.


The following week is District of Curves Fashion Week, and then the following weekend is Broccoli City Fest!!! I’ll be on moves, but the blog posts will come!

Keep up with me today to see how I rock this shirt all day on IG and enjoy my vacation!

Enjoy your week loves

See you next week

Xoxo, Jonice 💕

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