New Shoes!

Happy Friday y’all! Idk if it’s because I’m off today, but I’m in such a great mood! It’s been a while since I’ve had a Friday off. You know I’m taking all of this in lol

I’ve been on a hunt for new shoes for a few weeks because it so necessary! There’s not a problem with having options, right? So of course I took advantage of this sale multiple times lol . I’ve been talking about the closing sale at Lord & Taylor in Annapolis, MD for a while now on twitter and IG! Everything ranges from 40%-60% throughout the entire store.

oh really

In the women’s shoe department regular priced shoes are 40% off and clearance shoes are an EXTRA 60% OFF! So of course I lost my mind just a little bit! I’ve walked out the store with shoes that were originally $125+ for $15 😏

Want to see what I got? Of course you do!

Micheal Kors: 60% off $47.40 = $18.89

Sam Edelman: Now originally these bad boys were $125, but with them being clearance shoes, I got them for 60% $37.50 = $15. I swiped my card so quick that day. You truly feel like you hit the jackpot when you get a sale like this.

Converse: OG price was $80, clearance price $59.99 & with 60% off that I paid $24

I don’t know how hot it will be this summer, but I figure it will be HAWT AS HALE, so of course I racked up on a few pair of sandals along the way. I paid $29 when they originally were on clearance for $59.60.

I really don’t wear heels often, but when I’m on vacation in Miami I will be wearing these. I couldn’t leave them there. I mean when you only pay $30 for shoes this cute in a size 9.5 you run with them!

I haven’t really heard of the brand Dolce Vita until I started working in women’s shoes. I’m glad I came across these because they are sooooo cute! I love the buckles and how you don’t have to hook them up every time I would want to wear them. The zipper on the side makes it so easy. I don’t know if you can tell, but I love me a chunky heel! The support they give is unmatched! Believe it or not, they originally were $150 and I only paid $38! STEAL!!!

Who knew Katy Perry had shoes? CLEARY I DIDN’T! I saw them in a smaller size one day and was crushed. The next day they had the nerve to bring them out in my size. And as you can see I took them home with me. For only $38 dollars I think I did a great job!

Now I couldn’t leave my mama out of the deals I was getting, so I got her a few pair that I knew that she would love. She adores pearls and anything that shines so these were perfect for her. On the plus side I’ll be able to get to wear them a few times since we wear the same size.

I’m basically stealing from them okay! 😩 the sale is such a beautiful thing, but sad because the store is closing. If you’re in the DMV area, you have until April 15th to be apart of this great sale!

This sale is only at Lord and Taylor at Annapolis Mall!

Hurry up and make sure you come get some wonderful shoes for the spring/summer. I promise you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for or a few pair will find you.

See you in the next one

Xoxo, Jonice πŸ’•

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