Dear 12 Year Old Me

Heeeeyyy boo! It’s our birthday week girrrrllll! Can you believe we about to be 25?!?! That probably sounds like its nothing, just know you will feel old. Kids your age nowadays don’t even make Chinese staircases with gimp anymore. There are barely any flip phones in sight. That Razor or Boost Mobile that you have is NOTHING compared to iPhones. That’s a whole other story lol

Now before we get to the turn up, I want to give you the 411 on YOU!

You are gorgeous. Yes, mom and dad may tell you every day, but sometimes you don’t quite believe it yourself. Those days may be rough as hell especially at school. Wipe those tears girl, because the confidence we have now is out of this world. People calling you fat and being rude for no reason? Say thank you and keep it pushing. Let the naysayers keep those negative vibes. We have not and will not pay them any attention. You have contacts now so no worries those frames will be out of sight the minute you get them. Your skin… that melanin… babygirl…FLAWLESS & if somebody has anything else to say about it, it won’t even matter. People envy to have all that rich chocolate and it shows! Social media (Facebook, twitter, IG, and everything else out here. I know you know what FB is but everything will come into place soon) will show you whats really good.

Don’t worry, I don’t know what your wardrobe is going through either at the moment, but that will change too. One question for you though, why are you so in love with army fatigue and wearing skirts over your jeans?!?! Like I said I don’t know why either lol. The way that the plus size industry is moving, girrrrlllll we’ve come this far by faith. It has taken some time, but many brands are realizing girls with curves want to GOODT too. You’ll see. Also a two-piece swimsuit, well a few of them are in your future.

That whole “I’m going to have my own spot and possibly be married by 23 life” ain’t here…..yet. That’s right you are currently in the basement living it up in our mini “studio.” I’m trying to stack up so we can be alright. I feel it in my bones that we will have our very own real soon.

Do you want to know something thing else? We graduated from college! You will try to transfer from Bennett College and you won’t. Let God work on you, seriously. The places He will take you will shock you. At Bennett you will gain sisters that you never had, have ups and downs, but in the end, you will be on a path of becoming the woman you are supposed to be. Take advice from your professors, DO YA HOMEWORK MOODY, don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as possible. Don’t hold back for anybody, okay?!

Oh, and you have a brand: SOACG. That style that’s blossoming inside of you will break necks all while helping people find their confidence all over the world. At times it will seem like you are talking to yourself, but people are watching you hunny. Don’t stop.

I could go on and on about every detail if I could, but that can take forever. I’m here just to give you a little snippet of life will be like for you in 13 years. I may don’t have all the answers on what life will be like in the years to come, but I have a feeling you are proud.

Keep on swimming.

P.S. Incredibles 2 is coming out this June!!!! Your prayers have been answered.
Dear 30 year old me, I hope you having it up and living yo best life. For rn lets just focus on being twenty-FINE!

Love, me šŸ’•

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