Treat Yo Self: Always Never Home

I am SUPER proud of myself for sticking through with the TYS moments. I’m officially in month 10 of 12 and I still have things going on this week! A few days ago I returned from a long awaited trip from NC. It was a blessing and nothing less of  relaxation. I wish I had plenty of pictures and videos to show off to you all, but of course I was having too much fun. Out of the 10 pictures and videos I have from the weekend, these are my favorite.




…..I think that gives you an idea of what I was doing lol

but enough about the lituations – lets get to why we are all here shall we.

I am STILL on a high from Syd’s first solo tour, Always Never Home. I’ve looked at my snap a few hundred times already while continuing to sing every song. Who knew that BCFest would have me right here, a fan of not just The Internet, but Syd the Kid herself.

The fact that she not only performed every song off Fin, but she KILLEDT Nothin to Somethin.

It was great to see her live again. The vibe was right and every note she hit was 👌🏾. Would I do it again? YESSIR IN A HEARTBEAT! I really wish I could post my entire snap story from the night. Words cannot do this concert justice. If you want to get a look at the concert slide over to my snap before it’s too late.



3 words: denim, hugging, and perfect.

Don’t you agree?

Once the weather gets her life and drags fall from hiding, I will continue to have my shoulders out. You better believe boots will be worn with this bad boy! It doesn’t matter the boot; ankle, knee, or thigh high boots will take you and your curves in that dress wherever!!! For now I’ll kick in my Madden Girl slides. TBH they were the best option for the concert because of all that standing.

One day I’ll get that premium seating 😩

Continue to Treat Yo Self and look good while doing so!

Outfit Details:

Dress: Fashion To Figure

Purse: Maxcine’s Closet

Shoes: Madden Girl 

See you in the next one.

Xoxo, Jonice 💕


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