Weekend Things 

Praise be 🙌🏾

It’s the weekend & I’m on vacation! By the time you’ll be reading this, I probably will still be sleep or getting in the GHOE spirit. No, I did not go to NCAT, but I have been surrounded by their pride for 4 years.

It’s a tradition for me and my friends to link up every year & this year is no different. Everybody and I mean ERRYBODY from near and far come to celebrate GHOE every year.

I’m back in stomping grounds and can’t wait to turn up! I deserve it all and then some.

In the spirit of GHOE you deserve to have fun too! Of course you know if you gonna step out you have to slay 💁🏾

If it’s homecoming for you…🗣TURN UP! If it’s not HC for you, be like me and have fun with fellow HBCU students and alumni!

No homecoming? What are your favorite places to go on the weekend? Tell me some so I can step out a little bit more. Taco Tuesday? Sign me up! Happy hour and wings? Oh yessss baby!

Enjoy yourselves this weekend and be safe!

Outfit Details:

Everything: Fashion To Figure 

Shoes: Coach Factory 

See you in the next one

Xoxo, Jonice 💕

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