The Switch Up 

You know sometimes you just have to wear a piece outside of its intended way. Remember when I wore the stripe tunic? I kept it cute and comfy in that humid heat just a few weeks ago. Today is a different story.

Instead of buttoning the tunic I decided to let it loose today. Wearing the tunic as a cardigan/duster is the best idea of this look. The ‘sexy can I’ tank and jeans is always a go to look, but why not have a little something to complete the look and make it pop. The plus side to wearing the tunic open is having that extra coverage just in case it gets cooler as the day goes on.

Who said you couldn’t take summer clothes and make them work for the fall? Whoever even believes that needs to take a walk down another path. Taking a simple tunic and wearing it as a duster is a game changer. Saves you money and the chance to create a completely different look. The weather has officially made that change to cooler days and nights. Simple but cute pieces like these will take you a long way.

Just take a look at what you have and see what you can create with adding a piece here and there. Promise you’ll love it. Play dress up if you have to. Take it and make it you!

Outfits Details:

Everything..tunic, tank top, jeans, and purse: Fashion To Figure

Take today by the horns and make it yours! Happy Monday!!!

Xoxo, Jonice

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