Sunday Funday

Honestly I am a flowerchile. My love for floral print has taken over me this summer & I wouldn’t want to end the summer in anything else. 

This maxi dress made me gasp at its beauty when I saw it & at that moment I knew I had to have her. I didn’t know where I would go but I couldn’t let it run out of my size before I got my hands on it. 

The dress is completely SEE through at the top and the bottom of the slip under the floral chiffon dress. So I’m wearing a bralette to keep it very classy, but the split on the thigh will be the kicker! 

So where am I going today? Brunch of course! This is the perfect place to wear the dress. It’s casual enough and definitely comfortable, but it’s classy enough to step out and show out with a few mimosas in my hand……

& to squat in lol. You know I had to do it 😊

Whatever you do on this beautiful Sunday take advantage of it and have a ball! Eat good, watch football, and relax! Happy Sunday Funday! 

Outfit Details:

Dress & Purse : Fashion To Figure

Jewelry: Vintage 

Shoes: Thrift Store

Xoxo, Jonice 😘


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