Fall Vibes 

I tweeted recently saying “expect to see me in stripes & plenty of olive green this fall.” I believe I should add off the shoulder tops and dress to that list as well. 

It’s clear that this is definitely a trend that we’ll be seeing on the racks of your favorite stores. All the clothes I’ve been seeing lately or adding to my closet have some form of my shoulders out. It’s such a classic and sexy look.

You’ve seen the dress above before, but never seen this top. I love this top so much because of the choker that’s attached to the shirt as well. Bringing two trends together makes this shirt all the better. 

Everybody kept saying “You’re giving me Angela Davis today.” Honestly I was just letting Coco (my hair) do what she wanted that day and I went with it. I felt like giving fall vibes and I believe I did. 

Outfit Details: 

Dress, Top, Jeans, Purse: Fashion To Figure

Boots: Ma Lisa 

Jewelry: Lanell’s Jewelry Box 

Think of all the looks you can achieve this weekend and give off that fall Vibe as well. Have a great weekend because I know I will! 

Xoxo, Jonice 


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