2k15 Recap 

2015 has been a year of accomplishment for me! This year hasn’t been easy either, but through it all I’ve made it. Let see where I’ve been & what I’ve worn throughout this crazy, exciting, stressful, blessed year.

 Senior Day with my babies Frick & Frack 😍

 What I wore to my last Homecoming

  My 22nd bday!
 So I graduated college with a Bachelor of Arts & Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies!!!! Owwww! I cried like a little baby that day.

  Fourth of July with my mommy!
 We were the best bridesmaids!

 Atlantic City day trip.


 And many many Summer looks!

Like I said this year has been the year of accomplishments. Some days weren’t the best days & some were. Through it all I have to say I did look good lol.

I hope your year was as good to you as it was to me. Now it’s off to find what to bring the New Year in.


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