See yesterday was a cool, calm, and collected day. Literally, it was high of 45 yesterday. I was in shock because it’s been a little warm this month.

I decided that since it was one of the cooler days I would wear a sweater, jeans, and some boots. I was so excited that my mother let me wear my new boots! She also let me wear them over the weekend at a family Christmas Party! I’ll put them right under our tree as soon as o wake up on Friday lol.

 Anywho, this outfit was definitely one that I’llhave for the books. Wherever you are, if it feel like December or not have a wonderful Christmas!

Outfit Details:

Jacket: Fashion To Figure 

Sweater: Gift

Jeans: Fashion To Figure 

Boots: Just Fab 

Clutch: Clutched By Toy Michelle 

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